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Should i take him back after hes cheated?

This is a tough situation. We can’t tell you whether you should stay in your relationship, but we can tell you that it’s possible to work to make your relationship with your boyfriend as healthy as possible. And you can also learn how to tell when your relationship is not healthy and how to improve it or end it.

In a healthy relationship, people consider each other’s needs and make compromises so they both feel happy. One of the best ways to decide if a relationship is healthy is to think about how your partner makes you feel most of the time.

  • Does your partner make you feel safe and cared for most of the time? If so, your relationship is probably healthy.
  • Does your partner make you feel sad, afraid, or bad about yourself most of the time? If so, your relationship may be unhealthy.

But no relationship is perfect. And sometimes even healthy relationships may have some unhealthy moments. Couples may be able to work together to create a healthier relationship.

But, if unhealthy behaviors are a constant part of the relationship, it is likely that the relationship is unhealthy. And if you are in an unhealthy relationship, you might consider ending it.

Learn more about whether your relationship is good for you.

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