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I started having sex in November and have only been using condoms. Should I also be on the pill? I always use condoms and none have ever ripped.

You already know that using a condom every time you have sex is a good idea. Condoms don’t just help prevent pregnancy — they also help protect you from STDs, which the pill doesn’t do.

So why add the birth control pill (or another kind of birth control like the IUD or implant) into the mix? For one thing, using the pill and a condom together means you’re super protected against pregnancy. A lot of people like using condoms and other birth control together because it helps them relax and not worry about accidentally causing a pregnancy or transmitting STDs, and that can make sex more enjoyable.

The pill also has some benefits that you might like. Some people who don’t need birth control still go on it because hormonal birth control methods offer protection against acne and PMS symptoms (like cramps and depression), and because it makes their menstrual cycles very regular, often with shorter and lighter periods. Learn more about birth control pills. 

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