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Ok… I had sex with my girl friend, in my house. All of a sudden, my parents walked in on us…what should i do now?

This sounds like a really tough situation. There is no one way that all parents react to such a situation. Sometimes parents and kids are embarrassed. Sometimes parents are angry, and sometimes they’re understanding. There is really no way to know how they feel unless you talk to them about it.

Most teens want to be able to talk to their parents about important issues. But it can feel like a hard thing to do. To begin these discussions, it may be helpful to talk to one parent at a time. Or you can try to communicate with them in other ways, such as writing them a letter. If you decide to speak with them, find a time when no one is distracted — ask them when a good time to talk is.

And try not to jump to conclusions. Most parents want to help their children with issues going on in their lives. If you expect a parent to respond with a lecture and not really hear you out, you might actually get what you expect.

Although it may be a little scary to think about, it’s often true that the way we approach a situation has a lot to do with what happens. For example, if we approach a situation with negative expectations, we may do things to make a negative outcome more likely. On the other hand, if you can try to be open and honest, then your parents might also respond openly and honestly.

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