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I’m 17 and a ex partner told me he was treated for chlamydia, i want to get treatment right away, but what will i need and how much will this cost me. Also do i have to bring a parent?


You’re taking the right steps to stay healthy and prevent STD transmission, which is awesome. Before you can get treatment for chlamydia, you need to find out if you have the infection. So the first thing you need to do is get tested for chlamydia. You can call your local Planned Parenthood health center to set up an appointment for STD testing.

Cost can vary based on where you get tested, and some clinics and health centers may even offer free or low-cost STD testing. Some Planned Parenthood health centers are able to charge according to income, and most accept health insurance. You should ask about cost and insurance specifics when you make your appointment for testing. You may want to bring your insurance card, if you have one. In general, you don’t need a parent’s permission to get tested for STDs. But this is something that can also vary based on location, so you should ask about it when you call.

Chlamydia is easy to treat. If you do have it, you’ll need to take antibiotics. Your health care provider will tell you everything you need to know about treatment and any necessary follow up testing you’ll need. Click here to learn more about chlamydia.

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