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Intersex means you’re born with biological traits that are outside the strict male/female gender binary, whether it’s your anatomy, chromosomes, and/or hormones. Being intersex is not the same thing as being transgender.

Being intersex is often caused by one of many genetic or hormonal variations, but it isn’t a medical problem. It’s also more common than most people realize. For some people, it’s clear they’re intersex from birth. But many people don’t find out they’re intersex until they go through puberty, or even later. Learn more about being intersex during puberty

If you’re intersex, or think you might be, it’s important to talk with a doctor you’re comfortable with. But not all doctors are up to date with the latest information on helping intersex patients. You can learn more about being intersex on our website or check out InterACT, a network for intersex teens and young adults.

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