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Trichomoniasis is spread through sexual contact. So the best way to prevent trich if you have sex is to practice safer sex.

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How do I avoid getting trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is spread through contact with sexual fluids like semen (cum), pre-cum, and vaginal fluids. So the best way to prevent trich and other STDs is to avoid things that spread those fluids to other people — like vaginal sex, vagina-to-vagina rubbing, sharing sex toys, and touching your own or your partner’s genitals if you have infected fluids on your hand.  

But most people have sex at some point in their lives, so knowing how to have safer sex is important. Using condoms is the best way to lower your risk for STDs during vaginal and anal sex. Also avoid sharing sex toys as they can pass infection between partners.

Trichomoniasis may seem kind of scary, especially because it’s so easy to spread. But try not to stress out too much about getting it. The good news is trich is easy to treat and doesn’t usually cause serious health problems.

How do I make sure I don’t give trichomoniasis to anyone?

If you find out that you have trichomoniasis, don’t panic. Trich is easily cured, and there are a few ways to make sure you don’t give it to other people.

  • Tell your past and present sexual partners that you have trich so they can get tested and treated, too.

  • Don't have sex with ANYONE until your symptoms are gone and it’s been a week since you finished your medicine.

  • Your sex partners should also be treated before they have sex with anyone again, including you.

  • Once you’ve finished your treatment and start having sex again, practice safer sex.

Telling someone you have an STD can be hard. But trich is really, really common and can be easily cured, so try not to be too embarrassed or stressed out about it. Once you get the conversation over with, you can both get treated and get on with your lives.  

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