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Common symptoms of scabies include intense itching that’s often worse at night. You may also have a rash, pimple-like bumps, and small, curling lines on your skin.

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Scabies symptoms

The symptoms of scabies aren’t always easy to see, or they may seem like something else (like a rash from allergies).

Signs of scabies are:

  • Intense itching that gets worse at night.

  • Rashes that have pimple-like bumps, tiny blisters, or scales.

  • Small, raised, crooked lines on your skin (caused by the scabies mites burrowing under the surface of your skin).

Places where people usually get a scabies rash include:

  • the webbing between your fingers

  • where your wrist, elbow, or knee bends

  • pubic and groin areas

  • breasts

  • belly button

  • penis and scrotum

  • thighs and the lower part of your butt

  • shoulder blades

  • around your waist

Symptoms may come and go, but that doesn’t mean the scabies infection went away. The only way to get rid of scabies is to get treated. You can spread scabies to other people whether or not you have symptoms, so it’s important to visit a doctor or nurse if you think you might have scabies.

When does the scabies skin rash usually develop?

If you’ve never had scabies before, it can take up to 3-6 weeks after you get scabies for the symptoms to start. But if you've had scabies before and get it again, the symptoms can start within a few days.

You can spread scabies to other people as soon as you get it — even before you have symptoms.

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