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My sister is 4.5 months pregnant. I was telling her that her pregnancy is going to get harder. She’s only 16. How can I help her during her pregnancy? How can I make her feel more comfortable and not so stressed out?

Your sister is lucky to have someone like you she can count on for support. Being pregnant can be stressful, especially for teens.

You may want to talk to your sister about the things that are stressing her out and how you can help. Is she in regular contact with a professional health care provider for prenatal care? Does she need someone to go with her to her prenatal appointments? Could she use a back rub every now and then? Is she worried about how she’s going to take care of her baby once it’s born? Does she need someone to talk to? Once you identify what’s stressing her out, it may be easier to figure out how you can help.

Many women are stressed out during pregnancy because they are anxious about how they will deal with the many responsibilities of having a child. Contact your local Planned Parenthood health center to find out what support services they offer young mothers.

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