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My friend told me that that that 2 birth control pills equals the plan b pill so she gave me 2 of hers and now i have a light period,cramping and been feeling nauseous is that normal?

Certain brands of birth control can be used as emergency contraception, but without knowing what kind of pills your friend uses, we can’t tell you if you took the right kind or the right amount. Check out this handy chart on the Emergency Contraception website to see what kind of pill brands you can use and how to use them. If you still need emergency contraception, you can get brands like Plan B and others over the counter without prescription or ID at pharmacies and online.

Nausea and an irregular period are normal side effects of emergency contraception. Emergency contraception pills have been used by millions of people and are very safe. 

(By the way, we hope your friend didn’t skip taking pills in order to give you some. That could put her at risk for unintended pregnancy, too.)

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