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My penis is a lot smaller than most of my friends. I am getting kind of worried that i might have a really small penis for the rest of my life. Is this normal?

One of the biggest concerns for many young men (and many grownups too, for that matter) is the size of their penis. Usually during puberty, a boy’s penis will start to get bigger. Just like all other aspects of puberty, there isn’t a set age at which this happens, but rest assured it happens to everyone.

There isn’t a normal size for any particular age. However, most of all adult erect, or hard, penises are between five and seven inches long. Also, the size of a guy’s penis when it’s flaccid (“soft”) doesn’t really have anything to do with what it will be like when it’s erect (“hard”). In fact, as they become erect, smaller flaccid penises tend to grow more than penises that are larger when they’re flaccid.

Of course, some men have penises bigger than average and some have smaller. And it is true that some people think the size of the penis is very important. But most people learn by experience that size really doesn’t have a lot to do with what makes having sex enjoyable. How people make love and how much attention they pay to their partners are much more important than size. When you are ready to become sexually active, you, too, will be able to learn this important lesson, no matter how small or big you grow to be.

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