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Texas’s S.B. 8 law, an unconstitutional six-week ban on abortion, is not an isolated example. It’s part of a coordinated attack at the state level to restrict access to safe, legal abortion. 

That’s why no matter what happens in the courts or in other state legislatures, it’s essential that the Senate pass the Women’s Health Protection Act without delay. This critical legislation would protect the right to abortion throughout the United States and guard against the dangerous abortion bans and medically unnecessary abortion restrictions being pushed forward by state politicians.

Once you fill out this form, you will be connected with your senators. Tell them: Vote YES on the Women’s Health Protection Act and protect access to safe, legal abortion across this country.

Call the number above, or follow these instructions:

1.) Enter your phone number, state, and zip code in the form on this page and click “Call me!”

2.) Within 1 minute, you’ll receive a phone call from a 202 number. You’ll hear a message from us, and then we’ll connect you to your U.S. senator’s office.

3.) When a staff member answers the phone, use the script below. 

4.) That’s all you need to say! But if you have a personal story that could impact the senator’s decision, please share that too.

What to Say (Call Script)

Hi, my name is __________, and I live in ___________.

I’m calling to ask my senator to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. Abortion should not be controversial: abortion is safe, essential health care — but that hasn’t stopped state politicians from across the county from passing passing dangerous abortion bans and medically unnecessary abortion restrictions. Congress must step in.

It’s time that the Senate act and pass this legislation to protect and advance abortion access across this country. 

Thank you for your time.