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Enter your state or zip code in the search box below to find Planned Parenthood education staff near you who can talk with you about the availability and possible cost of workshops, training for professionals, and resources in your area.

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Planned Parenthood educators and trainers provide engaging, medically accurate, and age-appropriate workshops covering a variety of sexual health and sexuality topics, including

  • abortion
  • abstinence & delaying intercourse
  • birth control & family planning
  • healthy relationships
  • men’s sexual health
  • parent-child communication
  • puberty
  • reproductive & sexual anatomy
  • safer sex
  • self-esteem
  • sexual orientation, homophobia, & transgender issues
  • sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV & AIDS
  • teen pregnancy prevention
  • women’s sexual health

Presentations on these and other topics can be tailored to fit your group’s needs. Typical audiences are young people, parents, and professionals. As members of your community, local Planned Parenthood educators and trainers are sensitive to your community’s needs and can provide programs at your site. Many Planned Parenthood education departments also offer consultations, resource libraries, peer education programs, and other educational resources.

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