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I am very good at taking my birth controll pills. My boyfriend doesn’t like using condoms. Is it safe to have sex without it if i’m sure he doesn’t have an STD?

The only way for you both to be sure that neither of you have a sexually transmitted infection is to be tested and only have sex with each other. Otherwise, you can’t know for sure. 

Sexually transmitted infections are passed from one person to another during sexual contact. That means that if neither you nor your boyfriend has one, and neither of you has sex with anyone else, you won’t get infected by having sex with each other.

Keep in mind, though, that infections often don’t have symptoms, and you may not know if you or your boyfriend has an infection. Someone could have an STD they got from someone months or years ago and not know it, but still be able to spread it to other people. That’s why it’s important to get tested regularly, and talk with each other about who you’re having sex with and how to protect each other.

Birth control pills are really good at preventing pregnancy. They work best when taken correctly, meaning every single day without missing any. But that can be hard to do. About 9 out of 100 pill users get pregnant each year.

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