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Is it normal for your vagina to have a slight smell?

Yes. It’s totally normal for healthy girls and women to have a unique odor.

Many women become concerned that other people can detect the odor around their vulva and vagina. In reality, women are most sensitive to their own odor, and it’s very unlikely that others who don’t have intimate contact with them can smell it. But in fact, most people really like the way their partners’ vaginas and vulvas smell. It’s the kind of smell that is an important part of what makes sex sexy for them.

However, some women who are concerned about vulva odor sometimes prefer to wash with soap and water before engaging in sexual activities. (It’s best to use a gentle soap that’s free of dyes and perfumes, which can irritate the vulva and make it more susceptible to infection.) Douching or washing the vagina with soap is not recommended. But keep in mind, all women have an odor from their vaginas and their vulvas, and it’s a totally normal part of who they are.

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