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Is sex during your monthly has messy as people think?

Period sex is totally fine, as long as you and your partner are both comfortable with it. How messy it is depends on how heavy your period is. Having sex on a day when your period is at its heaviest will be messier than having sex when your period is really light. You’ll probably want to have sex on a towel, or something else you don’t mind getting stained. Some people also choose to have sex in the shower, to keep the mess to a minimum.

Some period sex pointers:

  • DON’T have sex with a tampon in.
  • DO make sure both partners are cool with it. Some people don’t want to have period sex, and that’s fine.
  • DO respect your partner’s wishes if s/he doesn’t want to have sex.
  • DON’T forget that it’s still possible to get pregnant if you have sex during your period, so protection is important. Which brings us to….
  • DO use a condom! Using a condom can both prevent pregnancy and keep you and your partner protected against sexually transmitted infections.

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