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As a teen, is it normal to experiment with your sexuality? Like I’m attracted to girls, but sometime I masturbate to guy videos. Is this normal?

Yes, it’s completely and totally normal! Lots of people enjoy experimenting with their sexuality throughout their lives. And a lot of people have questions about their sexuality, both teenagers and adults. Either way, masturbating to certain images doesn’t always translate into what sex you’re going to be attracted to for the rest of your life. When it comes to sex, it can take us years to figure out who and what we like.

You might want to talk with friends or other people you trust about experimenting with or questioning your sexuality, or you might not want to share that right now. But you don’t need to feel ashamed about it. By the way, people who find that they are attracted to both men and women often call themselves bisexual. Click here to learn more about sexual orientation.

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