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I am 12 years old, about to be 13. Anyways, all of my friends have had their period, except for me. I have had white discharge for above 3 years now! And my bra is 36A and I weigh about 120 pounds, and about 5 foot 3. I was wondering if there was anyway that it I could possibly be getting it soon, as in the rest of this year(2010)?

About half of girls get their periods by the age of 12, and half are older. No one can tell you exactly when your period will start. But it eventually happens to every healthy girl in the world.

The white discharge is called leukorrhea: during puberty, the vagina starts to produce a discharge that can be white or clear. This is the self-cleaning feature of your vagina. It carries germs and other unwanted stuff out of the body.

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