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Gonorrhea treatment doesn’t cause discharge, but it’s common for gonorrhea to cause discharge. Any discharge you might have from your vagina will usually be yellowish or bloody and any discharge you might have from your penis will look yellowish, white, or green.  

Once your nurse or doctor prescribes you antibiotics to treat your gonorrhea infection, it can take up to 7 days to fully work. So you may experience gonorrhea symptoms — like discharge — during this time. If your symptoms continue for more than a week after you start your treatment, call your nurse or doctor to make sure the treatment is working.  

It’s important to take all of your medicine the way your nurse or doctor tells you to, even if your symptoms go away sooner. This is because the infection can stay in your body longer than you have symptoms for. And get tested again in 3 months to make sure your infection is gone.

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