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There’s a rumor going around saying my ex has an STD, should i get tested just to make sure i don’t have one?

Oof, rumors, those nasty things! It’s a good idea to be skeptical of gossip like this, though it sure is tough to ignore when your health is at stake.

The only way for anyone to know for sure if they have an STD is to get tested. Many people don’t have symptoms of STDs either. So even if everything seems peachy down there, or your ex claims that they feel totally fine, it doesn’t mean either of you are STD-free.

But don’t freak out! We’d give the same advice to ANYBODY who is or was sexually active, regardless of rumors. Getting routine STD tests is just part of being a sexually mature, healthy, and responsible person. It’s also easy, often free (or low cost), and confidential (AKA private).

The bottom line is: whether or not the gossip is true about your ex, STDs are very common, and anybody who has had oral, anal, or vaginal sex (especially without a condom or Sheer Glyde dam) is at risk. So make testing a regular part of your sexual health routine. You can get tested for STDs at your doctor’s office or a Planned Parenthood health center. Don’t forget about condoms and Sheer Glyde dams, either. Practicing safer sex will reduce your chances of getting an STD by a whole lot.

Finally, as much as you might want to, try not to spread this rumor any farther (and do your best to stop others from doing it too). It’s not cool to gossip about people’s sexual lives, even if they are your ex. If someone does have an STD, it’s really nobody’s business but theirs and their partners. So while you definitely deserve to know if you’ve been exposed to an STD, it’s probably best to keep this info to yourself.

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