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How do girls rape boys?

One out of every five victims of sexual assault is a man. Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact. This includes forced vaginal intercourse, but the term may also be used to refer to forced anal sex or oral sex, including any amount of penetration with a body part (like a penis or a hand) or an object (like a bottle or a stick). It can also mean forced touching or groping of sexual body parts, like a girl’s breasts or vulva, or a guy’s penis or scrotum.

In some cases, women do sexually assault men. This might happen when a man is drunk or drugged. However, most sexual assaults against men are committed by other men, who actually identify themselves as straight.

Sexual assault is not about sexual desire; it’s about violence and humiliation, and neither the gender nor sexual orientation of the perpetrator or victim causes it.

More information is available from the National Organization of Male Sexual Victimization.

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