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How can i find out if i can get pregnant?

Infertility testing — finding out whether or not a woman is able to become pregnant — involves several medical exams, procedures, and tests. It is usually done for women who want to have a baby but are having trouble getting pregnant or for women who have health conditions that might cause infertility.

Infertility testing includes physical and ultrasound exams to evaluate the health of the reproductive organs. It includes chemical and hormonal tests to evaluate the health and number of the eggs in a woman’s ovaries. It is unlikely that a health care provider would screen a young woman for infertility unless she had trouble getting pregnant or a serious health problem.

In general, any young woman who ovulates and has her period should assume she can become pregnant. So, any girl who has unprotected vaginal intercourse runs the risk of becoming pregnant. (It’s even possible to become pregnant before ever having a period.) Generally, a woman who has unprotected vaginal intercourse during the course of one year has an 85 percent chance of becoming pregnant.

Pregnancy can happen when semen gets in the vagina or on the vulva. Here are some examples of things that do NOT cause pregnancy: kissing, masturbation, body rubbing, oral sex, anal sex. These things won’t cause pregnancy — unless sperm comes into contact with the vagina or vulva.

Pre-ejaculate is the liquid that oozes out of the penis during sexual excitement before ejaculation, when semen spurts out. It’s also called “pre-cum.” Unlike semen, pre-ejaculate does not contain sperm. But it may pick up sperm remaining in the urethra from a previous ejaculation. If that happens, it might cause pregnancy.

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