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Do you want to stay on top of the latest trends and information on sex, reproductive and sexual health, and self-care? Maybe you just want to know more about what it means to be a sex educator or to add a few new podcasts to your list?  Look no further than these incredible Black educators, content creators, and influencers who are on the cutting edge of sexual and reproductive health. This list of amazing Black sexual and reproductive health experts will have you clicking “follow” before you finish reading the descriptions. 

Wendasha Jenkins Hall, PhD, also known as The Sensible Sexpert, is a public health expert on sexual and reproductive health. Her work is focused on the sexual health needs of women of color and helps to ensure access to effective, evidence-based sexual and reproductive health resources, programs, and interventions.

Black Girl Bliss (BGB) is an educational platform celebrating the self-care of Black women and femmes. Through their books, courses, and social media platforms, BGB has created a safe community for Black women and femmes to welcome pleasure into their lives.

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Raquel Savage is a sex educator and therapist who covers topics like oral sex, squirting, body image, coercion, ethical non-monogamy, systemic oppression, and so much more. Savage’s podcast, The Savage Life, is all about sex work, challenging rape culture, overcoming slut shaming, and other topics that focus on the experiences of women and femmes.

Ericka Hart, M.Ed, is a sex educator, social justice advocate, writer, and breast cancer survivor. Their work is dedicated to fighting the lack of Black, Brown, and LGBTQIA+ representation and visibility in breast cancer awareness campaigns. Through their podcast Hoodrat to Headwrap their writing, and teachings, Hart challenges the ways that systemic patriarchy and anti-Black standards of beauty affect our everyday lives.

As a sexuality doula®, author, facilitator, and sensualist, Ev'Yan Whitney’s work explores all things sexuality, sensuality, and healing. They’re the author of Sensual Self, ​​a journal filled with prompts and practices to get in better touch with your body. And Whitney also hosts a podcast with the same name.  

Erica Chidi is a doula, health educator, and the cofounder and CEO of LOOM, a well-being brand focused on sexual and reproductive health. Chidi is also the author of the book, Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Motherhood (and Trusting Yourself and Your Body). Her talks, writing, and social media content educate a wide audience on sex, relationships, and self-care.

Your sexual and reproductive health is a lifelong journey, and we’re so grateful to the many Black educators, creators, and influencers who make that journey easier, safer, and more inclusive for us all.

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