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Nope. Although there are many myths about the “risks” of masturbation, it's totally safe. Masturbation isn’t physically or emotionally harmful in any way. In fact, masturbation is the ultimate form of safer sex — there’s no risk of pregnancy or STDs.

It’s possible to get skin irritation from the friction if you masturbate a lot. But using plenty of lube can help prevent this from happening. If you do have pain or irritation from masturbating, just avoid rubbing that area until it feels better.

Some people are worried that they may masturbate too much or too often, but this is unlikely. Masturbating is only considered “too much” if it gets in the way of your ability to get to school, work, or be with friends or family — and that's a very rare problem.

Some people masturbate more than once a day, some people masturbate once in a while, and some people never masturbate — all are completely normal. Learn more about masturbation.


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