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I went to the doctors today and i told the doctor im not sexually active which is a complete lie, is that wayy bad?

Doctors and other health care providers often ask both teens and adults about their sex histories and whether or not they’re sexually active. It’s important to be honest with health care providers so they can get an accurate picture of your health and needs. It can help health care providers determine if it’s a good idea to test for sexually transmitted infections, prescribe birth control, recognize pregnancy symptoms, or talk with a client whose sexual relationships are problematic.

There’s sometimes confusion over what “sexually active” actually means. Some people may think it just refers to vaginal intercourse, but it’s important to let health care providers know about other forms of sex that may put people at risk for sexually transmitted infections, such as anal or oral sex.

The confidentiality of this information is up to the health care provider, so teens who are concerned about confidentiality may want to ask providers about their policies before making an appointment.

Planned Parenthood health centers strive to provide services that are confidential and affordable, especially for teens. But for one reason or another, health care providers in certain locations may not be able to guarantee complete confidentiality. Make an appointment at the Planned Parenthood health center nearest you.

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