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 i am 20 years old male. i have the habit of masturbation since at the age of 5.my height is 180cm and 56kg in weight. i am lean.i masturbated once a day.my friends told that masturbation results in lean and some other negative side effects is it true? 

Good news! Masturbation will not make you thinner or affect your body shape in any way. In fact, masturbation isn’t mentally or physically harmful at all. Masturbation can even be good for you! It’s relaxing and relieves stress, and it helps people learn about their bodies and what they like sexually. So you can let your friends know that their information is false.

The only time masturbation may have negative effects is if a person does it so much that their skin gets irritated, or if it messes up their day-to-day lives. But it doesn’t sound like you’re having any of these problems.

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