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Is it possible to get pregnant off precum, without penetration, while on the pill? He never came and never actually entered but there was nothing between him and my vagina. I am very diligent about taking my pill every day (its a combination pill) around the same time each day, info on my pill also says that its possible to just not get a period while taking it, could that just be it?

If you’re using the birth control pill correctly, it’s 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. The pill works by preventing ovulation, which means that there’s no egg for sperm to fertilize if it gets inside your vagina.

So to answer your question, if you’re on the pill, you’re protected from pregnancy, even if semen gets in your vagina. (And just so you know, the chance of getting pregnant from pre-cum is really, really small — pre-cum often doesn’t even contain sperm.)

If your period is late and you’re worried you might be pregnant, you can always take a pregnancy test to put your mind at ease, and if you’re still concerned about a missed period, you can always talk to a health care provider.

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