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i had encounter a person who performed anal licking on my rectum. we had no intercourse orally or any other way. however, im still afraid did i get hiv from them by licking my rectum? please help cant sleep or eat.

The chance of getting HIV from analingus (fancy name for anus-licking) is very, very low, because HIV isn’t transmitted through saliva or skin-to-skin contact. The HIV virus is carried in four fluids: blood, breast milk, semen (cum), and vaginal fluids. So if none of those fluids get into your body, you can’t get HIV.

However, there are other STDs that can be spread through analingus, including herpes, syphilis, and HPV. Also, the person who’s doing the licking risks getting sick from certain bacteria, viruses, and parasites that live in the intestines and rectum. Washing your anus gently with mild soap and water before analingus will help remove some of those germs, but it doesn’t protect against STDs.

So the safest way to have analingus – whether you’re giving or receiving – is to use a barrier between the mouth, anus, and genitals. Things like Sheer Glyde dams, plastic wrap (like saran wrap), and cut-open condoms can prevent the spread of STDs and other germs, and help keep you and your partner safe and healthy.

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