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I had chemotherapy every weekend for a month and it’s been a couple of months now and since my period has been really irregular. Can chemo cause I fertility or mess up my cycle?


Lots of different kinds of medications can affect your menstrual cycle, and with all the changes that cancer and chemotherapy can cause in your life, you can bet your period is one of them. It’s totally possible that it may take more than a couple months for your cycle to go back to normal. But there’s also a risk of chemo affecting your ability to get pregnant long-term, and it can sometimes cause early menopause. Learn more about all of this here.

The good news is that infertility doesn’t happen to everyone who gets chemo, and if it does, there are sometimes ways to treat it. Everybody’s situation is unique so the best thing you can do is talk with your oncologist and your gynecologist (or another doctor or nurse at a family planning health center like your nearest Planned Parenthood center.) Ask questions about what to expect and what to watch out for when it comes to your period and your fertility. They can also help you find the right birth control method for you to use if you’re not ready to get pregnant.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

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