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“Today, President-elect Obama announced a strong foreign policy team that will approach issues of women’s health and rights, family planning, and global poverty with the seriousness and commitment they deserve. Planned Parenthood applauds the nomination of Sen. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and Susan Rice as United Nations ambassador.

“Sen. Clinton understands that improving the status of women is not simply a moral imperative; it is necessary to building democracies around the globe. Improving the status of women is key to creating stable families, stable communities, and stable countries. Women's ability to control the size of their families, regardless of economics, nationality, or culture, has a direct impact on their economic well-being and that of their children. Sen. Clinton understands that women's quality of life directly affects the major issues confronting the globe: national security, environmental sustainability, and global poverty.

“Throughout her extensive career in international affairs, Susan Rice has consistently affirmed the responsibility to address the burdens of poverty around the globe and their impact on global health. In addition, she understands the important role the United Nations plays in promoting and protecting women’s health around the world, especially in developing countries. Susan Rice is a passionate and committed advocate for poor women and families around the world. We expect that she will work effectively with other countries to fulfill the UN’s development agenda, including the Millennium Development Goals on maternal health, gender equality and AIDS reduction. 
“We look forward to working with Sen. Clinton, Susan Rice, and the Obama administration on a comprehensive foreign policy that includes bringing equality to women and women’s health around the world.”


Planned Parenthood Federation of America is the nation's leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider. We believe that everyone has the right to choose when or whether to have a child, and that every child should be wanted and loved. Planned Parenthood affiliates operate more than 880 health centers nationwide, providing medical services and sexuality education for millions of women, men, and teenagers each year. We also work with allies worldwide to ensure that all women and men have the right and the means to meet their sexual and reproductive health care needs.


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December 01, 2008


September 07, 2016