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Backed by a nearly $100,000 ad campaign, the website explores how the Trump Administration changed the makeup of our federal courts and how we can reclaim them

WASHINGTON — Today, Planned Parenthood Federation of America launched “Reclaim Our Courts,” a comprehensive website highlighting what Americans must know about the sexual and reproductive health crisis in the courts, and how it is possible to reclaim them to protect our rights. Accompanied by a nearly $100,000 ad campaign, the informative and dynamic website breaks down how former President Trump and former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drastically changed the makeup of our courts; how this remaking of the courts encouraged state lawmakers to pass legislation with the intent of overturning Roe v. Wade; and how President Biden and a health care majority in the Senate now have the opportunity to restore our courts by confirming judges dedicated to upholding our health and rights.

Statement from Jacqueline Ayers, vice president of government relations and public policy, Planned Parenthood Federation of America: 

“Reclaiming our courts means pushing for true justice in this country and ensuring future generations aren’t stripped of their rights or access to essential health care. Former President Trump’s unprecedented appointment of more than 230 new judges — who are mostly white and male — has encouraged many state lawmakers to move legislation that has been intentionally designed to encourage the remade federal courts to undermine and overturn Roe v. Wade. But President Biden and the Senate have an opportunity to fill court vacancies with diverse champions of reproductive health and rights. This website is an urgent educational resource for those who want to understand how our government — including the federal court system — impacts our health and rights, and why we must reclaim our courts to ensure that our rights are upheld.”

The anti-abortion movement has worked for years on a strategy that involves passing blatantly unconstitutional bills in state legislatures and then, as written by The New Republic, “hoping that by the time the laws reached the Supreme Court there would be a new anti-Roe majority to overturn the 1973 decision.” These state legislators were emboldened by the Trump Administration’s promise to only appoint anti-sexual and reproductive health justices to the Supreme Court.   

In a four-year term, President Trump appointed over 230 federal judges — many with records hostile towards reproductive health care and rights. In May, the Supreme Court, which now includes three Trump-appointed justices, agreed to hear a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, threatening nearly 50 years of precedent protecting the constitutional right to abortion. Meanwhile, state lawmakers have continued their assault on abortion rights, enacting more than 90 abortion restrictions this year so far, making 2021 the worst legislative year ever for abortion rights since Roe v. Wade. 

The situation is grave, but President Biden and a narrow health care majority in the Senate can reclaim the courts to protect reproductive care. There are more than 80 vacancies in the federal courts and we anticipate more to come. Those vacancies should be quickly filled with qualified judges from diverse backgrounds who will stand with the majority of Americans by upholding our reproductive health and rights.  


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