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Planned Parenthood Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Proposal

Planned Parenthood health centers are seeing firsthand the costs of today’s economic challenges.


Planned Parenthood Federation of America


Many of our patients are seeking out Planned Parenthood for affordable, essential health services because they simply have nowhere else to turn after being laid off, losing insurance, or failing to find jobs with benefits.

“Women are coming in for critical preventive services, such as breast exams, birth control and Pap tests that cannot be put off, even if they don’t have insurance. 

“As a trusted provider who has seen one in five American women at some point in her life, we know that creating middle-class jobs will help increase access to health care. 

“President Obama’s plan would mean that more women and families will have quality jobs with health insurance, and we hope that Congress will answer his call to act and get our economy moving again.”



September 09, 2011

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Planned Parenthood Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Proposal