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Let's Talk Month



October is Let's Talk Month

Parents want the best for their children and teens. That means helping them with homework, encouraging their hobbies, and ...talking about sex and relationships.

During Let’s Talk Month each year, young people and parents are encouraged to communicate with one another about sexuality -- including relationships, bodies and body image, reproduction, gender and sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and preventing pregnancy and STDs.

Teens name parents as the biggest influence on their decisions about sex. And teens who talk to their parents about sex are more likely to wait longer to have sex, and use condoms and other forms of birth control when they do. This year’s Let’s Talk survey revealed that teens and parents are talking, but they're not talking often enough or clearly enough. It's important for parents to be direct, be specific, and talk often.

Visit Tools for Parents for tips on talking with teens about sex and sexual health, building strong parent-teen relationships, and setting rules that help keep teens safe and healthy.


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Let's Talk Month