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The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) Media Excellence Awards recognize exceptional contributions by the media and arts and entertainment industries that enhance the public's understanding of reproductive rights and sexual health issues, including abortion, contraception, sex education, health care equity, HIV, LGBTQ identities, sexually transmitted infections, sexual assault, and international family planning.

Inaugurated in 1978, the annual awards include work done in the areas of print, radio, magazines, online reporting, commentary, television news, social media, and arts & entertainment.

Previous winners are listed below.

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2019

  • The highest honor of the evening — the “Care. No Matter What.” Award — went to the abortion providers and staff of Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region, in recognition of their bravery and tenacity in the current fight to provide reproductive healthcare in the last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri.

  • Mashable: For outstanding coverage of Planned Parenthood’s digital health tools and general reproductive health and sex education reporting, including their Sex Ed 2.0 series.

  • Marie Solis, staff writer, Broadly / Vice: For her exceptional coverage around abortion and health policies, including stories covering six-week abortion bans, miscarriages in ICE custody, and how anti-abortion language has shaped the national debate around access to abortion care.

  • Amanda Gomez, health policy reporter, ThinkProgress: For her powerful coverage of reproductive and sexual health issues, going beyond the basics and digging into the details and effects of specific health policies, including physician-only laws and sexual assault survivors’ Medicaid coverage for abortion.

  • Harron Walker, staff writer, Out Magazine: For the article, “How Medical Institutions Drive Trans Women Underground,” which brought to light how medical gatekeeping can affect trans women’s health, and how vital non-institutional medical care is for trans patients.

  • Sherronda Brown, managing editor, Wear Your Voice Magazine: For the article, “‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ And The Reproductive Rights Movement’s White Supremacy Problem,”an insightful critique of missteps the reproductive rights movement has made in addressing gender and race.

  • Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor, Slate: For her coverage of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, highlighting the threat Kavanaugh posed to Roe v. Wade, and to access to reproductive health overall.

  • Laura Bassett, freelance writer: For the article, “Republicans are pushing another false claim about abortion to rile up voters” in The Washington Post, an explainer of how language about abortion affects access to reproductive health care, piecing together the GOP electoral strategy on abortion.

  • Virginia Gaglianone, editor-at-large, La Opinión: For exceptional coverage of current attacks on reproductive health care, including pieces on Title X and the gag rule, and their impact on the Latino communities across the U.S.

  • The Gender Spectrum Collection, Broadly / Vice (Zackary Drucker, photographer, Alyza Enriquez, photo assistant, Sarah Burke, special projects editor, Diana Tourjée, staff writer, Lindsay Schrupp, editor-in-chief, Rachel Schallom, managing editor, Elizabeth Renstrom, senior photo editor): For Broadly’s Gender Spectrum Collection stock photo library, featuring trans and non-binary models and made available to the public for free, a major step toward creating gender-inclusive content and advancing representation of trans and non-binary people.

  • Samantha Bee, Full Frontal: For insightful and funny late-night coverage of issues affecting women, including abortion, birth control, the 2018 midterm election, and the impact of healthcare policies. 

  • Gray Chapman, freelance writer, Atlanta Magazine: For the article “Who stands to lose the most under Georgia’s anti-abortion bill?” highlighting those who will be most affected by Georgia’s ban on abortion after six weeks, and detailing how and why this bill is so dangerous. 

  • Sara Jerving, East Africa correspondent, Devex: For excellent coverage on the impact of the global gag rule and global health issues, including the article “Q&A: 'Global gag rule' hits Kenya's largest reproductive health organization,” which outlined the devastating impact of the global gag rule on patients.

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2018

  • The highest honor of the evening went to Tarana Burke, social activist and founder of the “Me Too” social movement and senior director at Girls for Gender Equity.

  • Bustle: For Bustle’s exceptional coverage of reproductive and sexual health throughout this year. Since its inception, Bustle has consistently provided accurate, compelling, and non-stigmatizing coverage of reproductive and sexual health issues as well as the broader reproductive health, rights, and justice movement.

  • Refinery29: For Refinery29’s insightful and compelling coverage on issues ranging from the continued attacks on reproductive rights to sexual assault and consent to restrictive state abortion laws.

  • Essence.com: For Essence.com’s powerful coverage of reproductive and sexual health this year including “The OverExplainer: This Is The Real Reason Women Need Access To Birth Control,” “A Matter Of Life & Death: Why Are Black Women In The U.S. More Likely To Die During Or After Childbirth?,” and “The Racial Politics of Abortion: A Short Film,” among many others.

  • Danielle Campoamor, Editor, Romper: For her heart-wrenching and thought-provoking piece, “I'm Miscarrying Right Now, & It's Only Strengthening My Beliefs About Abortion,” which appeared on Romper.

  • Tina Vasquez, Immigration Reporter, Rewire: For her exemplary and comprehensive coverage of the Jane Doe case. The intersection of immigration and reproductive rights has never been more obvious than in this case. She was one of countless young, pregnant, unaccompanied, immigrant women in detention being held hostage by an administration bent on denying them their constitutional rights.

  • Francesca Fiorentini, Correspondent, National Geographic Explorer and Al Jazeera: For her piece “Jailed for a Miscarriage,” which appeared on National Geographic Explorer, illustrating the plight of women who have had miscarriages in El Salvador and its oppressive abortion laws.

  • Brad Kutner, Freelance Writer: For his piece, “Planned Parenthood’s transgender clinic offers easy, accessible healthcare for Richmond’s gender nonconforming community,” which appeared on GayRVA, highlighting  the non-judgemental care that our transgender and gender non-conforming patients receive at our Planned Parenthood health center in Richmond.

  • Lauren Evans, Gender/Politics/Travel Writer, Village Voice and Jezebel: For her piece, “New Law Hasn’t Stopped Anti-Abortion ‘Pregnancy Centers’ From Misleading Women,” which appeared in the Village Voice, exploring how crisis pregnancy centers spread misconceptions and misinformation about abortion spread by to deter women from making their own reproductive choices.

  • Vogue Magazine: For its unwavering commitment to reproductive health care and women’s rights, in a year in which they were under constant assault by Congress and the Trump administration. Among other pieces focused on women’s health and rights, the magazine published a powerful editor’s note from Anna Wintour in the July 2017 issue and an important profile highlighting Planned Parenthood patients, staff, and volunteers alongside president Cecile Richards.

2017 Stories That Mattered

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2016

  • Amy Goodman received the highest honor for her groundbreaking work on Democracy NOW! 

  • Sunnivie Brydum and Mitch Kellaway of The Advocate 

  • Zuri and Staceyann Chin of Living Room Protest 

  • Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow of Call Your Girlfriend 

  • Imani Gandi of Rewire 

  • Dani McClain of The Nation 

  • Alex Morris of Rolling Stone 

  • Caitlin Moscatello for Cosmopolitan 

  • Raquel Reichard of Latina 

  • Kayla Webley of Marie Claire

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2015

  • Excellence in Commentary: Jamilah Lemieux, for her always thought-provoking commentary for EBONY.com, addressing politics, culture, race and reproductive justice.

  • Outstanding Individual Commentary: Valerie Tarico, Salon, for her piece “I am pro-abortion, not just pro-choice: 10 reasons why we must support the procedure and the choice” on Salon. Among her incredible body of work, this piece stands out as a very real contribution to combating abortion stigma.

  • TV & Online Reporting: Jill Filipovic, Cosmopolitan.com, for her piece, “Why Opponents of a New Planned Parenthood Are Doing Everything in Their Power to Stop It” on Cosmopolitan.com and her subsequent coverage of this issue on Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC. This coverage was critical in clarifying misinformation and exposing the harsh opposition on the ground in New Orleans.

  • Online Reporting: Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy, Yahoo! Health, for her consistent and compelling coverage of reproductive health and rights issues in both the health and political space.

  • Online Health Reporting: Casey Gueren, Buzzfeed Life, for her commitment to sharing accurate and engaging sexual and reproductive health information with a large Millennial audience.

  • Online Political Reporting: Aura Bogado, Colorlines, for her consistent and thought-provoking coverage of racial justice, immigration community organizing, and voting rights.

  • Online Documentary: Fazeelat Aslam, VICE.com, for her piece, “Misconception: The Fake Abortion Clinics of America” on VICE.com, which exposed the false information perpetuated by so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" and the harm they can do to women seeking care and the broader reproductive rights movement as a whole.

  • Online Video Series: Liz Plank, Mic, for her Flip the Script series. In covering everything from women who choose not to have children to what it means to be a "Beyoncé voter," she continues to present such complex issues in relatable, fun, and satirical ways, making a notable contribution to the feminist movement writ large.

  • Women’s Magazine: Laurie Abraham & Leah Chernikoff, from ELLE magazine & ELLE.com. Laurie Abraham is receiving the award for her incredibly brave and poignant piece sharing her personal abortion story, “It’s Complicated” that appeared in print (online version available here). Leah Chernikoff, is receiving the award for Elle.com’s powerful "I Had an Abortion” series.

  • Men’s Magazine: John H. Richardson, Esquire, for his piece, “The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker.” This deeply powerful profile of Dr. Parker’s life and career, in a mainstream outlet targeted at men, was a truly remarkable contribution to our efforts to demystify and destigmatize the lives of abortion providers across the country.

  • Youth Media: Phillip Picardi, TeenVogue.com, for leading the coverage of accurate sexual health information on TeenVogue.com, a notably new direction for Teen Vogue. Their young readers are the demographic that has some of the highest risks for sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy.

  • Social Media Campaign: Wagatwe Wanjuki, #SurvivorPrivilege, for her powerful response to George Will’s column in which he declared that being a survivor of sexual assault has become “a coveted status that confers privilege.” Her #SurvivorPrivilege response called out his offensive and inaccurate claims while simultaneously shedding light on the real challenges that survivors face.

  • Media Activist: Sadie Hernandez, The People’s Veto, for starting the People’s Veto campaign calling for Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott to reject the state's lawmakers’ decision to cut Planned Parenthood out of the state’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings (BCCS) program. Her protest outside the Governor’s Mansion and her commitment to ensure that all women are able to access affordable cancer screenings inspired us all.

  • Global: Jonny von Wallström & Cleo Kambugu, Pearl of Africa, for his unique and moving documentary focused on the LGBT movement in Uganda, highlighting Cleo’s personal story of hardship and hope as a transgender woman living Uganda.

  • Excellence in Media: The Nation, for 150 years of exceptional coverage and analysis of politics, culture, and social justice issues.

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2014

  • Daily Print Reporting: Carolyn Jones, formerly of the Texas Observer, for her deeply passionate and incredibly informative coverage of the ongoing attempts to restrict abortion access in Texas

  • Commentary: Jessica Valenti, formerly of The Nation, for her “Body Politic” column, a constant source of original thinking on essential reproductive rights issues and the politics and policies that inform them

  • General Interest Magazine Reporting:  Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker, for her piece, “HIV’s Grip on the American South,” which sheds much-needed light on the HIV epidemic in the Deep South of the United States

  • Women’s Magazine:  Maya Rhodan, ESSENCE magazine, for her piece, “What We Stand to Lose,” on the various attempts to restrict access to safe and legal abortion in this country and the disproportionate impact this will have on black women

  • TV and Online Reporting:  Irin Carmon, MSNBC, for her powerful piece “The new frontier of the abortion wars,” on the anti-abortion movement in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and her subsequent television reporting on this for MSNBC

  • Online Reporting: Adriana Beorlegui, HolaDoctor, for her extremely informative coverage of the Affordable Care Act throughout the enrollment period and her efforts to educate the Latino community on the benefits of the ACA

  • Social Media Community Activism:  Zerlina Maxwell, #RapeCultureIsWhen, for starting the incredibly powerful #RapeCultureIsWhen conversation via social media and bringing light to an issue long overlooked by traditional media

  • Media Activism: Christopher DiDonato, for his invaluable activist efforts during the Texas filibuster and subsequent events, live-streaming the action on the ground so that supporters across the country could see what was happening in real time

  • Social Media Campaign: Janet Mock, #RedefiningRealness, for creating such a powerful and safe space for trans voices online and beyond through her #RedefiningRealness tumblr page

  • TV Reporting: Dr. Jennifer Ashton, CBS’s The Doctors, for her informative coverage of the Affordable Care Act's many benefits for women, specifically in the “Obamacare 101: How the Affordable Care Act Affects You” episode of The Doctors, which aired in December of 2013

  • Excellence in Media: Cosmopolitan magazine, for their bold coverage and discussions of women's health and the attacks on women's access to safe and legal abortion across the country, both in their print and online editions

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2013

  • TV News Reporting: Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC, for her coverage of the federal and state-level political attacks on women’s health, family planning funding, and health care access

  • General Interest Magazine Reporting: Family Circle, for the publication’s coverage, both in print and online, of Let’s Talk Month, encouraging open, healthy discussion between parents and children about issues of sex and sexuality

  • Commentary: Katha Pollitt, The Nation, for her “Subject To Debate” column

  • Daily/Weekly Print Reporting: Petula Dvorak, The Washington Post, for her sensitive and moving series on transgender children centered around “Transgender at Five”    

  • Radio Reporting: Maria Hinojosa, National Public Radio, for her July 2012 piece highlighting the danger posed to women by Mississippi state legislators’ efforts to shut down the last remaining abortion provider in the state

  • Women’s Magazine: Gretchen Voss and Lisa Bain, Women’s Health, for “Special Report: Are Your Birth Control Rights Endangered?”

  • Print and Online Reporting: Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones, for her Clinics-in-Peril series

  • Online Reporting: Katie J.M. Baker, Jezebel, for her ongoing original coverage of reproductive health news and legislation

  • TV Documentary: Lauren Bosworth, John Ferriter, Howard Lapides, Dr. Drew Pinsky, David Stanley, and Siobhan Walshe, Executive Producers, I’m Positive, MTV  

  • Digital and Social Media: Ultraviolet, for their Rick Ross/Reebok campaign

  • Community/Personal Blog: Pamela Merritt, Angry Black Bitch, for her coverage of the death of Anna Brown

  • Youth Media: Seventeen, for the publication’s commitment — in print and online — to ensuring its readers have accurate information about sex, healthy relationships, and their bodies

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2012

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2011

  • Television: Modern Family and Friday Night Lights

  • Commentary: Connie Schultz, The Plain Dealer, for: “A Full-Scale Attack on Reproductive Rights”

  • News Magazine Reporting: Laura Tillman, The Nation, for: “Crossing the Line”

  • Women’s Magazine Reporting: Amanda Robb, Ms. Magazine, for: “Not a Lone Wolf”

  • Online Reporting: Ryan Grim, The Huffington Post, for: “Behind the Assault on Planned Parenthood”

  • Daily and Weekly Print Reporting: Jordan Smith, The Austin Chronicle, for: “The War on Women’s Health”

  • TV News Reporting: Lawrence O’Donnell, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, for his coverage of the recent federal and state-level legislative attacks on women’s health, family planning funding, and the work of Planned Parenthood.

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2010

  • Film: Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

  • Commentary: Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, for: “Is Abortion a Racist Plot? Of Course Not” and “Ga. Senate’s New Concern for Black Children”

  • News Magazine: The Nation for: “Shotgun Adoption”

  • Women's Magazine: Glamour for: “The Serious Health Decision Women Aren’t Talking About

  • Online Reporting: Lynn Harris, Salon.com, for: “Our Daughters Should Not Be Cut

  • TV News Reporting: The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, for its coverage of the health care reform debate, the murder of Dr. George Tiller and the anti-abortion movement

  • Special Mention: RH Reality Check, for its coverage of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, health care reform and the Stupak amendment, and the anti-choice movement’s targeting of African-American women.

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2009

  • The CW TV program Privileged – episode: "All About the Power Position"

  • The American Prospect, “America’s AIDS Apartheid” by Kai Wright. Ann Friedman, Editor

  • Glamour, “It’s Your Turn to Talk to McCain and Obama” by Cindi Leive, Editor-in-Chief; Jill Herzig, Executive Editor; Linda Kramer Jenning, Washington, DC, Editor; Ellen Kampinsky, News Director; and Geraldine Sealey, Editor

  • The New Republic, “Life Sentence,” an article debunking the notion that John McCain is a women’s health moderate by Sarah Blustain. Esther Kaplan, Investigative Fund Editor, and Peter Scoblic, Editor

  • Amanda Robb for her article “Leslee Unruh’s Facts of Life,” published in More, a profile of an anti-choice ideologue

  • Fiorella Valdesolo for her article “Freedom From Choice,” published in Nylon, highlighting television’s unrealistic portrayals of abortion

  • Jennifer Wolff Perrine for her article “When There is No Good Choice,” published in SELF, discussing the personal, medical and legal issues surrounding second- and third-trimester abortion

  • Deborah Kotz, for her extensive work in US News & World Report on reproductive health, pregnancy, sex education, and preventive care

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2008

  • Kate Walsh, actor, for her extensive advocacy efforts on behalf of affordable family planning services and real sex education

  • ABC-TV for Boston Legal — "The Chicken and the Leg" episode

  • Cosmopolitan, “The Sneaky Threat to Your Fertility,” by Stacey Colino, and “I Have an STD. Now What?” by Gail O’Connor

  • Redbook, “Your (very personal) Health at 20, 30, 40, 50,” by Andrea Cooper

  • Marie Claire, “The Easiest Choice I've Ever Made Is Also the Hardest to Live With,” by Gretchen Voss

  • John Young from the Waco Tribune-Herald for numerous editorials in support of reproductive health and sexuality education

  • Judy Peres for her extensive body of work in support of reproductive rights and sexual health while at the Chicago Tribune

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2007

  • Cosmopolitan, "Your Gyno Exam: What to Know Before You Go," by Amanda Pressner

  • Glamour, "New Lies About Women's Health," by Brian Alexander

  • KTVK-TV Channel 3, Phoenix, Arizona, "Sex Education Varies in Arizona's Schools" — two-part series, by Brandy Aguilar, producer

  • New York Daily News, three columns: "Pro-child, pro-choice politics," "Birds, bees belong in school," "Voters choose choice — but now ..."; by Lenore Skenazy

PPFA Media Award Recipients 2006

  • PBS Frontline for The Last Abortion Clinic

  • NBC-TV for Boston Legal — "Smile" episode

  • Sheryl McCarthy, columnist — for her extensive body of work in support of reproductive rights and sexual health

  • The Kansas City Star for editorials supporting reproductive justice, family planning, and the right to confidential health care

  • NBC-TV for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit — "Rockabye" episode

  • La Opinión for "Proposición 73 Olvida lo Principal" ("Proposition 73 Overlooks What Is Key")

  • ABC-TV for The George Lopez Show — "Prescription for Trouble" episode

  • Seventeen magazine for "Vagina 101: What's Normal, What's Not"


  • Glamour magazine for "Yes, You Can Save Women's Lives"

  • CBS-TV for Cold Case — "Volunteer" episode

  • Rev. Tom Davis for Sacred Work: Planned Parenthood and Its Clergy Alliances

  • Kinsey

  • Vera Drake


  • Women's eNews for overall excellence in reporting on reproductive rights and health


  • Human Rights Watch for its website, http://www.hrw.org/

  • The WB Television Network for Everwood — "The Kissing Bridge" episode

  • People magazine for "An Iowa Mystery"

  • HBO films for Real Woman Have Curves

  • HBO for Six Feet Under for its unique depiction of sexuality, gay and straight


  • Ellen Goodman, syndicated columnist for the Boston Globe, special award for consistently insightful opinions about the need to protect women's reproductive health and rights

  • San Diego Union-Tribune, for "Girl and Boy, Interrupted"

  • Ann Telnaes, syndicated cartoonist, Tribune Media Service, for editorial cartoons in support of reproductive rights

  • Essence magazine for "In Case of Emergency" and "If All Else Fails"

  • ABC News 20/20 for "Abortion & Terrorism"

  • MPH Entertainment, Inc. for The History of Sex in the 20th Century

  • Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) for its Web site, http://www.siecus.org/

  • NBC-TV for Law & Order: Criminal Intent — "The Third Horseman" episode

  • NBC-TV for Days of Our Lives for daytime drama about sexual and reproductive health

  • HBO for Sex and the City for its treatment of sexual and reproductive health issues

  • Daimler-Chrysler for a television advertisement that uses sexuality in a positive and humorous way

  • Fast Company magazine for "Planned Parenthood's 25-Year Plan"


  • Patt Morrison, columnist, Los Angeles Times — special award for Spontaneous Activism

  • Los Angeles Times for coverage of reproductive health issues

  • Glamour magazine for "Why I Risk My Life to Do Abortions"

  • Richard North Patterson for Protect and Defend

  • The Dallas Morning News for editorials on family planning

  • Queen Latifah/Telepictures Productions for "Teens Desperate to Have Babies: Convincing Them to Wait"

  • Hispanic Radio Network for "Mundo 2000 — International Women's Day"

  • The Feminist Majority Foundation for their website,http://www.feminist.org/

  • Joan Osborne for advocacy and education through music

  • Rod Lurie for The Contender

  • NBC-TV for Third Watch — "Faith" episode

  • ABC-TV for General Hospital for daytime drama about sexual and reproductive health


  • Teen People magazine for coverage of our issues

  • Mike Peters for cartoons supporting reproductive health and rights issues

  • Natalie Marie Angier for Woman: An Intimate Geography

  • Judy Mann for columns covering our issues

  • NBC-TV for 3rd Rock from the Sun — "Sex and the Sally" episode

  • MTV/Kaiser Family Foundation for True Life: I Need Sex RX

  • The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation for their website, http://www.kff.org/

  • NBC-TV for The West Wing — pilot episode

  • Ani DiFranco for "Hello Birmingham"

  • Eve Ensler for The Vagina Monologues

  • John Irving/Miramax Films for The Cider House Rules


  • Glamour magazine for "The Truth About Abortion and Women's Health"

  • The Village Voice for "Roe v. Wade: 25 Years Later"

  • The Metro Times for "Matter of the Heart"

  • Cedar Rapids Gazette (IA) for "Dangerous Liaisons"

  • Waco Tribune-Herald for columns on reproductive health care and freedom

  • KCRG-TV for "Dangerous Liaisons"

  • KRON-TV for "First Cut: AIDS Update"

  • CBS-TV Cosby — "Now Is The Time, The Walrus Said" episode

  • Youth Radio for "Youth Voices on Sex"

  • ABCNEWS.com for "Maternal Morality Worldwide: Dying for Motherhood"


  • Sarasota magazine for "Sex, Lies and Politics"

  • The Houston Chronicle for editorials on family planning, reproductive rights, and Planned Parenthood

  • The Washington Post for a series of cartoons on family planning, legislation, and abortion rights by Herb Block

  • HBO for If These Walls Could Talk

  • KRON-TV for "First Cut 97-05"

  • NBC-TV for "The More You Know" PSAs

  • Hispanic Radio Network for "Buscando la Belleza" (Searching For Beauty and Health)


  • Self magazine for "What's New in Birth Control?"

  • The Nation magazine for Katha Pollitt's columns on the abortion issue

  • The Chicago Tribune for "Gambling With Life: Why Parents Defy Odds and Circumstance to Have More Babies"

  • HBO for The Dying Rooms

  • HBO for Sandra's Web: A Mother's Diary

  • ABC for Home Improvement — "The Vasectomy One" episode

  • NBC-TV for Dateline NBC for "The Toughest Choice"


  • Glamour magazine for "An Abortion Doctor's Diary of Terror"

  • Ser Padres magazine for "Niñas Que Son Madres"

  • The Boston Globe for coverage of December 30 murders at the Brookline, MA, clinics

  • CNN for "Christian Soldiers"

  • NBC-TV Dateline for "Dutch Treat"

  • NBC-TV for Law and Order — "Progeny" episode

  • Lucky Duck Productions, with Ogilvy Adams and Rinehart, for Smart Sex

  • Youth Radio for "The Realities of Teen Pregnancy: A Day in My Life by Ayoka Medlock"

  • Monitor Radio for "Population Perspective"

  • Honorable Mention

    • The Beaumont Enterprise (TX) for "Kids Having Kids"


  • The Nation magazine for "Eastward, Christian Soldiers! Right-to-Lifers Hit Russia"

  • Concord Monitor (NH) for series "Sex Education — Teen Realities"

  • Chicago Tribune for series "Saving Our Children: When Kids Have Kids"

  • Concentric Media and KTEH-TV for When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories

  • Home Box Office for Talking Sex: Making Love in the '90s

  • KSBW-TV for Not Me: Innocence in the Time of AIDS

  • WBBR 1130 AM for "Condom-Phobics"


  • The Philadelphia Daily News for "Out of Control"

  • Daily Local News (West Chester, PA) for editorial cartoon by Rick Cole

  • Glamour magazine for "Why Do We Romanticize the Fetus?"

  • Health magazine for "The Birth Control Bind"

  • Home Box Office for Life Stories: Families in Crisis for "Public Law 106: The Becky Bell Story"

  • WHSW-TV 24 for "In Your interest/Teen Pregnancy"

  • Media Works, Inc. for Sex Education in America: AIDS and Adolescence

  • WHTZ-100 FM for "Z-100 Love Phones"


  • Glamour magazine for "Where Are the Doctors Who Will Do Abortions?"

  • The San Diego Union for five-part series "Bedside Planners: Contraception in the '90s"

  • The Washington Post for series of cartoons on family planning and legislation by Herb Block

  • ABC-TV for Roseanne — "A Bitter Pill to Swallow" episode

  • ABC News for PrimeTime Live for "Lying In Wait"

  • ABC News for 20/20 for "Is This Our Future?"

  • KING 5 TELEVISION for Sexual Survival

  • Monitor Radio for "Women and AIDS"

  • Honorable Mention

    • Univision Network News for "Buffalo Anti-Abortion Demonstrations" and for The Cristina Show for "Condomania"


  • The Washington Post for series of cartoons on family planning and legislation by Herb Block

  • The Dallas Morning News for six-part series "Sex Lies and Big Brother: Sexual Tyranny in Romania"

  • Glamour magazine for "Teenage and Pregnant" and "The Politics of Birth Control"

  • NBC/Carsey Werner Co. for A Different World — "If I Should Die Before I Wake" episode

  • World Monitor Television for "Women with AIDS"

  • Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. for Peter Jennings Reporting: The New Civil War


  • San Francisco Examiner for series of columns on reproductive rights issues by Suzanne Salter

  • Newsweek magazine for coverage of the abortion issue

  • Lifetime Television for Ask Me Anything: How To Talk to Kids About Sex

  • WPLG-TV for "AIDS en la Familia"

  • Tribune Entertainment, Inc. for The Geraldo Rivera Show — "To Be Gay in the Midst of the AIDS Catastrophe"

  • NBC-TV for L.A. Law — "Captain Hurt" episode


  • ABC-TV for 20/20 for "The Abortion Pill"

  • NBC-TV for "Roe v. Wade" and A Different World — "No Means No" episode

  • ABC Radio for "American Agenda: Abortion"

  • New Woman magazine for "A Matter of Life and Love: One Woman's Story"

  • Arkansas Gazette for "Children Having Children"


  • Essence magazine for "A Matter of Choice"

  • Los Angeles Times for its series "Prenatal Care: Less Costs More"

  • WSM Radio/Nashville for "AIDS: Plague of the '80s"

  • NBC-TV for A Year in the Life — "Things You Should Know Before and After" episode

  • NBC-TV for outstanding segments on AIDS and young people on Main Street

  • ABC-TV for outstanding news segments on AIDS and contraceptive technology on Good Morning America and for World News Tonight for its series on world population


  • ABC-TV for made-for-TV-movie Daddy

  • NBC-TV for "AIDS Composite"

  • KING-TV for two-hour documentary Teen Sex: What about the Kids?

  • Working Woman magazine for feature on "Where 'Boss' Stops and 'Friend' Begins"

  • Alabama Journal for a series of articles titled "Teen Pregnancy: An Alabama Tragedy"


  • NBC-TV for St. Elsewhere — "Boom Boom Womb" and "To Tell the Truth" segments

  • WIVB-TV for Family Secrets (Documentary)

  • Vogue magazine for "Selling Chastity: The Sly New Attack on Your Sexual Freedom"

  • The Washington Post for a six-part series "At Risk: Chronicles of Teen-Age Pregnancy"


  • ABC-TV for World News Tonight for "Almost Adults"

  • ABC-TV for 20/20 for "Sex Education"

  • NBC-TV for Today for "Sex Education"

  • WJLA-TV for five-part series on "When Babies Have Babies"

  • NBC Radio for "It Can Happen Anywhere" (child sexual abuse)

  • WEEI Newsradio for "The Learning Center" (teenage sex and pregnancy)

  • Youth News, Oakland, CA, for "Heartthrobs and Hormones" (teenage sex and pregnancy)

  • The Boston Globe for a series of editorials supporting reproductive rights and reproductive health

  • Mike Peters for an editorial cartoon satirizing the federal government's position on reproductive rights

  • Glamour magazine for "The Battle Against Planned Parenthood" (Feature Article)

  • Glamour magazine for "Why We Can't Be Silent About Anti-Abortion Tactics" (Feature Article)

  • Image magazine, Texas Christian University, for "Smart Sex" (Feature Article)

  • Ms. magazine for "The Fetus and The Law — Whose Life is it Anyway?" (Feature Article)

  • Time magazine for "The Population Curse" (Cover Story)


  • ABC News' 20/20 for "Too Much, Too Soon"

  • WCBS-TV for "Preventing Teen Pregnancy: The HUB Program"

  • NBC-TV/UBU Productions/Paramount Television for Family Ties — "Ready or Not" episode

  • KAMR-TV, KFDA-TV, and KVII-TV (Amarillo, TX) for a unique cooperative effort to promote 1983 National Family Sexuality Education Week

  • Family Circle magazine for "What Kids Really Want to Know About Sex but Are Afraid to Ask"

  • Seventeen magazine for "Sex and Your Body"

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch for "Children Having Children"

  • The Bergen Record (NJ) for a series of four editorials


  • ABC News' Nightline for "Teen Contraception — The Baltimore Experiment," "Abortion Clinic Violence," and "Anti-Abortion Setback" (Television News)

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  • Los Angeles Times for nine editorials on the subject of reproductive rights (Newspaper Editorial)

  • Honorable mention certificates to:

    • KUHT-TV for A Baby Maybe: To Be or Not To Be a Parent(Television Documentary)

    • WFSB-TV for "Babies Shouldn't Die" (Television News)

    • Newsweek magazine for "Infertility" (Magazine Feature)

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    • Glamour magazine for "The Battle Over Abortion:" (Magazine News)

    • Charlotte News and Observer for "Growing Up in the '80's" (Newspaper Feature)

    • Gannett News Service for outstanding coverage of the issues surrounding abortion (Newspaper Feature)


  • Hearst/ABC Video Services for Where Do Babies Come From?(Television Documentaries)

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  • Glamour magazine for "My Abortion — Why It Was The Most Difficult Decision I May Ever Have To Make (Magazine Feature)

  • Honorable Mention Certificates to

    • Group W Production for Hour Magazine show featuring Ann Landers speaking out on the need to keep abortion legal (Television Editorial)

    • WFAA-TV, for a five-part series on infertility (Television Public Affairs)

    • Seventeen magazine for "Sex and Your Body" (Magazine Feature)

    • WSB for continuous enlightened programming efforts (Radio Public Affairs)


  • David Greene/Finnegan Associates for The Choice

  • Honorable Mention Certificates to

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    • The MacNeil/Lehrer Report for "Medicaid Abortion"

    • Hour Magazine for "How We Can Encourage Teens to Be Sexually Responsible"

    • David Sawyer and Victoria Hamburg for "So Many Voices: A Look at Abortion in America"


  • Michael Hirsh and Station WTTW/Chicago Public Television for Guess Who's Pregnant: An Update


  • Tandem/Tat Production House: for three television episodes on adolescent pregnancies, in One Day at a Time, Good Times, and In the Beginning

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