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There are many opportunities to get involved with Planned Parenthood. You can volunteer your time or be an advocate for reproductive health and social justice.
Whatever your passion, we welcome you!

10 Ways to Get Involved

Attend a Planned Parenthood event or fundraiser. Show your support by attending a fundraiser or young professionals event. Contact Planned Parenthood to join our mailing list and get advance notice of fundraisers and other events.

Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network. Stay up-to-date on important legislation and Planned Parenthood activities through email and action alerts. Click here to join today.

Write a Letter to the Editor. Make your voice heard! Write a letter to your local newspaper about your beliefs on family planning services, reproductive freedom, or sexuality education.

Donate. We depend on your generosity to support our medical services, education programs, and advocacy initiatives. Make a donation today.

Vote. Make your voice heard locally and nationally! Register to vote, and vote. Educate yourself on issues and candidates before you go to the polls.

Volunteer. Your time and talents to make a difference. Learn more about our volunteer program and complete and return a volunteer application form.

Contact your legislator. You can make a big difference by communicating with your elected officials

Health Center Advocate. Become a Health Center advocate. Educate our patients on how to protect their reproductive rights by monitoring the actions of their elected officials. Contact us to become an advocate at one of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida's Health Centers.

Attend Young Activist Training. Are you ready to fight? Then we want you! Take action here.

Investigate Local Sex-Ed School Curriculum. Does your child's school district have a comprehensive sexuality program? Find out and let us know by sending an email to! Contact your local school board and ask them to support comprehensive sexuality programs in our schools.

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