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If you want to come into one of our health centers, you now have the option to make your appointment online, any time, without having to wait. Click above and choose your health center to get started.

Planned Parenthood has chat and text services available if you've got health questions that you want to get answered right away. To chat, click above. For text, send a message to 774636 for more information.

Focused on building community support and progressive action for the reproductive health movement, these teams are a great way to get involved. Contact if you're interested!

To see photos from this year's Pride Parade in St. Pete and for more pride-themed content, come visit our facebook page by clicking above.

Do you shop at Amazon? Consider supporting us at the same time with Amazon Smile. Click above to learn more.

We're very excited to be accepting insurance at our Health Centers! You can call us to find out more details about what services and plans are accepted and to schedule your next appointment.

Visit the Feronia Project

a great place to discuss sexual health

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