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We're here for you with convenient Virtual Visits!

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin stands for care, and we're here for you! We're offer convenient Virtual Visits  -- allowing you to access high-quality, affordable health care services by computer, phone, or other mobile device. Virtual Visits eliminate the need for more time off from work, more childcare, or transportation.

Appointments can be done from the convenience of your home or other private location. Virtual Visits are secure and private.

While certain medical issues will require an in-person visit, our Virtual Visit option offers you access to services with fewer visits or without needing to visit a health center at all!

Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Care

You ask, we answer.

How much does a Virtual Visit cost?

The cost varies. Your Virtual Visit visit may be free or low cost with health insurance. But some insurance plans don’t cover all sexual and reproductive health services. The staff at Planned Parenthood health centers work hard to give you the services you need, whether or not you have insurance. Many charge less for services, depending on your income. When you contact your local health center and make your Virtual Visit, you’ll learn more about specific costs. The staff may be able to help you get care you can afford. 

Which services can I get through a Virtual Visit?

Services include birth control and emergency contraception (the morning after pill), STD testing and treatment, urinary tract infection care, gender affirming hormone therapy, and more -- along with expert advice from a reproductive health care provider . 

Will my Virtual Visit be private?

Yes. Just like when you visit a Planned Parenthood for a health care appointment in person, your telehealth appointment will be private. And make sure to find a quiet, well lit, private space on your end for your telehealth visit. 

Do I need to undress during a Virtual Visit?

No. Since these visits are offered online, there's no "hands-on" exam, and there is no need to undress. 

How soon can I get a Virtual Visit?

Waiting times vary but Virtual Visits are usually available much sooner than an in-person appointment -- often in only 1-3 days. While you're waiting for your Virtual Visit,, check out some of our convenient online tools at www.plannedparenthood.org/learn for your sexual and reproductive health care questions. You may be able to get answers immediately. You can also text your questions to "SAFERSEX" at (877) 895-0601 and a PPWI educator will respond within 24 hours. 

Are Virtual Visits available in Spanish?

Yes! Virtual and in-person appointments are available in Spanish.

Can I get an abortion pill on a Virtual Visit?

Unfortunately, due to abortion restrictions in Wisconsin, you will need to go to a health centers in-person to receive any abortion services.

How do Virtual Visits work?

Start with these steps


Step 1.

Schedule your appointment online at ppwi.org or over the phone at 800-230-PLAN (7526).


Step 2.

You will be provided instructions on how to connect for care.


Step 3.

Connect through your device on the day and time for your scheduled appointment and receive expert care.