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How Can I Help?

Frequently Asked Questions About Helping Wisconsin Patients In Need of Abortion Care

How can I help drive patients or donate gas cards?



Thank you for your commitment to ensuring your community continues to have access to essential healthcare. With the recent Supreme Court Decision, we are seeing an increase in community members wanting to drive patients to neighboring states where abortion remains safe and legal.

PPWI is not organizing drivers for patients; we are working to ensure patients get resources to manage their abortion care in ways that make sense to them, so patients feel empowered and safe. Sometimes it may feel less personal to make a donation, but Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin wants to get resources directly to patients in need. Thank you again for your commitment to supporting reproductive rights and freedom.

We are also unable to take in-kind donations (like gas cards, etc.) - direct funds allow us, and other abortion funds, to get help to patients in the way they need it. This thread and article explain why direct donations are the most helpful:

• Rewire News: For Decades, We’ve Helped Open Abortion Access. Here’s Where We’ll Go Post-‘Roe.’

Ways to Help:


1. Donate to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s Justice Fund.

PPWI provides financial assistance to people seeking abortion care who cannot afford the associated costs.

2. Donate to other abortion funds in Wisconsin that need support - Some funds have volunteer opportunities

3. Host your own fundraiser – this can be small or big; gather like–minded people and pool your money for one of the Wisconsin abortion funds.

4. Learn more about Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s services and programs. Let people know that PPWI is open! Due to the Supreme Court decision, PPWI has temporarily suspended abortion services. It is more important than ever that people have what they need to prevent pregnancy. PPWI doors continue to be open to help patients get the care they need – including help accessing abortion in another state. Make an appointment and pick up a free Make-a-Plan kit,  or schedule a free sex education program for your school, church, or other community group.

5. Work for PPWI. PPWI is hiring, come work with us!

6. Learn about Reproductive Justice and uplift BIPOC organizations in your community. Listen to them and follow their lead. Visit www.sistersong.net or blackrj.org

7. Destigmatize the word abortion. Follow our conversational approach guide to have difficult conversations with friends and family. Normalize saying the word abortion, let people know that abortion is health care, and be a resource and safe person in your network to talk about abortion.

8. Listen to people’s stories and tell your own.