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Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Dr. KayLa N. Allen (Dear Mixed Girl) internationally utilizes wisdom, evidence and research-based findings, health and wellness coaching, leadership development, online messaging, and co-creation to empower individuals. Her efforts through “KayLa’s Positivity Corner,” social media @drkaylanallen, and multicultural work via “Dear Mixed Girl” combine compassion, global health, and outward challenges to encourage transformation. (Dear Mixed Girl: How Identity and Diversity Shape Our World C-1)

Ashley Hartman Annis

Ashley Hartman Annis (they / she) is a full spectrum birthworker (birth, abortion, miscarriage), a somatic practitioner, a fertility / reproduction educator, and a zine maker in Madison, WI. Learn more at www.ashleyhartmanannis.com (Your Cervix is Fucking Magical G-1)

Katrina Becker

Katrina Becker, RN/BSN (UW Health) graduated from UW-Madison in 2011 with a dual degree in Nursing and Gender and Women’s Studies. She has been at UW health since 2013 as a nurse working in an IMC unit, pre/post-surgical care unit, and now gender services. Her current role as Gender Services Nurse Navigator enables her to provide care and guidance to patients pursuing both surgical and non-surgical gender affirming care. She has a passion for equal access to equitable health care for all, involvement in community education, and providing patient centered care.  (Navigating Insurance for Gender Affirming Care E-3)

Alease Barnes

Alease Barnes (Alease The Embryologist) is an accomplished Embryologist, educator and content creator. After obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Genetics from North Carolina State University, she has established herself as a skilled embryologist in the field of reproductive medicine. In addition to her hands-on work in the IVF lab, Alease is a passionate educator and content creator, leveraging her extensive knowledge to educate and advocate for fertility awareness. With a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, she has amassed a significant following and actively strives to empower individuals on their infertility journey by dispelling misinformation and providing support.  (Diverse Journeys -Navigating LGBTQ Family Building B-1)

Danielle Bezalel

Danielle Bezalel, MPH (she/her) (Sex Ed with DB) is the Creator and Host of Sex Ed with DB, a feminist podcast bringing you all the sex ed you never got centering LGBTQ+ and BIPOC experts. Danielle earned a Master of Public Health with expertise in sexual and reproductive health from Columbia University.  (Masturbation, Pleasure & Choosing the Right Sex Toy E-1)

Courtney W. Brame

"Sexual health is mental health." Founder, Executive Director, and Podcast host of Something Positive for Positive People, Courtney Brame has been interviewing people with herpes navigating stigma since 2017 learning how interconnected STI Stigma and identity are, using the information learned from his guests to advocate for the integration of their lived experiences post-diagnosis into sex education resources to support STD Prevention efforts. (STI Minimization: An Integrated Approach to STI Prevention G-3)

Sandra Campó

Sandra Campo is a writer and sex educator,  an expert in female sexuality. Author of the book "Today I feel like myself. 7 stories of female masturbation" (2015) and creator of Sasá: Sexperta en Placer, a sexual education project for women focused on female pleasure.  (EN ESPAÑOL - El placer en tus manos. Beneficios de la masturbación femenina F-1 [Title translated: The pleasure in your hands. Benefits of female masturbation]) 

Sam Collier

Samantha Collier, (TeamTeal 365) 16-year expert in the field of anti-violence work, statewide and national systems change agent. Founder and Executive Director of TeamTeal365, Inc a nonprofit organization devoted and dedicated to navigating, educating, advocating, supporting ALL survivors of sexual assault. She has over 16 years in the field of directly serving survivors and their families, of sexual, domestic violence and bachelor's degree from University of Wisconsin Parkside. She has a personal purpose to serve and be a visible witness to her community of what a Thriver looks like 365, making our imperfections shine.  (What's the Root to the Tree D-2

Cris de la Cruz

Cris de la Cruz is a Health Educator at Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties (PPOSBC). In this role, he has 2 years of experience providing Sexual and Reproductive health education to classrooms, community organizations and juvenile justice systems. He works with the Marketing team to create content for the PPOSBC Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube accounts. His communication skills provide Spanish education for parents, caregivers and students. He adopted the Male Involvement program and successfully obtained new contacts, finalized the curriculum and provided training for new staff. He has a BS in Public health from UCI and is working on his Masters of Public Health at Baylor. (Male Involvement & Responsibility: Conversations in Juvenile Justice Settings, C-3)

Sara Curley 

Sarah Curley is a Prevention Coordinator with the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA) and has worked in the field of SA prevention and advocacy since 2012. Prior to her role with WCASA, Sarah completed her master's in public health at the University of WI - Madison, and worked in Sitka, AK, with survivors of interpersonal violence. In her spare time, she loves to read, play with her dog, and spend time with her family!  (It's OK to Say Fat A-1) 

Koren Dennison

Koren Dennison (she/her) was born and raised in Milwaukee by a village of strong Black women. Strongly believing in community and aware that her accomplishments are extraordinary for folks where she's from, it is imperative for Koren to responsibly pass the torch. As a joyous Black woman & radical change maker, Koren defies statistical odds to achieve success and currently works as an Evaluator and Communications Strategist at Ubuntu Research and Evaluation. She is committed to displaying to other young Black girls the power they possess to write their own narrative and consequently change others' lives. Koren is a first-generation double alumnus of Marquette University where she studied Corporate Communications, was heavily engaged in the on-campus community through dance and leadership, and consistently exposed the dominantly-white student body to Black Girl Magic wherever she went. (Black and Kinky, D-1)

Rachel Dyer

Rachel Dyer (she/her) is a pro-abortion scholar-clinician-activist working at the intersection of abortion and mental health. Trained as a researcher and psychotherapist, Rachel focuses on how dominant sociocultural narratives impact pregnancy and family-building desires, decisions, and experiences, and how mental health and other care providers can support patients around these experiences. Rachel will be graduating with her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this summer and will begin a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Psychology position at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin this fall.  (Providing Support: Emotions After Abortion B-3)

Laura Roqueta Fernandez

Laura Roqueta Fernandez, nacida en Barcelona en 1991, es una educadora en consentimiento en la sexualidad y la creadora de la cuenta de Instagram @culturaconsentimiento. Su enfoque se centra en difundir información sobre consentimiento sexual, abogar contra la violencia sexual y brindar apoyo a sobrevivientes. Laura es licenciada en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas por la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona y Máster en Dirección de Relaciones Institucionales, Eventos y Protocolo por la Universitat Ramon Llull. También es monitora en educación sexual con perspectiva de género por la Fundación Sexpol. Actualmente, continúa sus estudios en el Máster en Estudios de Mujeres, Género y Ciudadanía en el Instituto Interuniversitario de Estudios de Mujeres y Género (IIEDG). Laura también es autora de "El viaje de Paula. La vida después de una agresión sexual", un libro publicado por la Editorial Descontrol. Este libro, dirigido a jóvenes, tiene como objetivo sensibilizar y crear conciencia sobre los desafíos. (EN ESPAÑOL  - Educar en el Consentimiento desde la Perspectiva de Género D-4 [Title Translation: Educating on Consent from a Gender Perspective]) 

Laura Roqueta Fernandez, born in Barcelona in 1991, is an educator in sexuality consent and the creator of the Instagram account @culturaconsentimiento. Her focus is on disseminating information about sexual consent, advocating against sexual violence, and providing support to survivors. Laura has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a master's degree in Institutional Relations, Events and Protocol Management from the Universitat Ramon Lull. She is also a monitor in sex education with a gender perspective by the Sexpol Foundation.  Currently, she is continuing her studies in the master's degree in Women's, Gender and Citizenship Studies at the Interuniversity Institute of Women's and Gender Studies (IIEDG). Laura is also the author of "Paula's Journey:  Life After a Sexual Assault", a book published by Editorial Descontrol. This book, aimed at young people, aims to raise awareness and awareness of the challenges. (EN ESPAÑOL  - Educar en el Consentimiento desde la Perspectiva de Género D-4 [Title Translation: Educating on Consent from a Gender Perspective]) 

Karen Gomez

Karen Gomez began her sex education career 15 years as a youth participant at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, (PPMW), where she is now the Bilingual Program Manager. In this role, she leads community education efforts for Latino/a/x communities, including the Promotoras Program, which she launched in 2021. (EN ESPAÑOL - A Calzon Quitado: Pleasure, Power & Promotoras B-2 [Title Translation: Spilling the Tea: Pleasure, Power and Health Promoters])

Melyssa Heintz

Melyssa Heintz has been a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin for 6 years, she was a part of the pilot program for the affiliate’s Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy program and serves as a trainer and preceptor for clinicians at the affiliate in the program. (Beyond Hormone Therapy: Caring for the Whole Person D-3)

Marisa Hernandez-DeWindt

Marisa Hernandez-DeWindt (Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective) loves wellness in all forms and finds great satisfaction as a Massage Therapist, Transformational Wellness Coach, Fitness and Movement Instructor, Birth Doula, End of Life Doula, Healing Artist/ Dancer and Poet. Marisa has a strong interest in improving skills for Mothers and humans who struggle with mental health challenges, Chronic diseases, especially those healing from trauma. (La valentía de una doula en nuestras comunidades, A-3 [Title Translation: The Value of Doulas in our Communities] )

Linetta Alexander Islam

Linetta Alexander Islam is a creative, critical thinking Black woman who vacillates between Afrofuturism and Afropessimism (depends on the time of day), and an experienced educator and school leader. She holds a BS from UW Milwaukee and received post-bac certification in education. Linetta also holds a Masters in Administration and Supervision from National Louis University. She is licensed as an elementary school teacher, director of instruction, and principal. For fifteen years, Linetta has worked in educational institutions to advance adolescents and adults academically and socially to overcome the challenges of inequity in Black density schools in Milwaukee. Currently, she works with schools, foundations, and community-based organizations to implement dignity-based processes within their work.  An accomplished writer, director, performer, and author, Linetta completed her first children's book, "Ella Baker, and is currently in final revisions of her first fiction novel, "Zyanism". All her works are published through her own small press publishing company, Rebirth Ink. (D-1. Black and Kinky 101) 

Lily Katz, M.H.M., B.S.

Lily Katz, M.H.M., B.S. (they/them) is a healthcare quality improvement professional with a passion for LGBTQ+ health equity. Lily is coming to the role with a master's in healthcare management and over eight years in the healthcare industry in both clinical and nonclinical roles. When not at work, you can find Lily cooking elaborate meals, reading a book, or hanging out at the community garden. They are excited to be joining the team at the Center for Patient Partnerships and increasing access to gender affirming care in Wisconsin. (E-3. Navigating Insurance for Gender Affirming Care)   

Bridget Khoury

Bridget Khoury (School of Sexuality Project), the visionary founder of The School of Sexuality Project. As a first-gen Arab American and proud mom of two queer kids, her personal journey fuels her passion for comprehensive sex education. With a decade as a certified sex educator, she bridges gaps between home and classroom. Holding a BA in Psychology and Women/Gender Studies and pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Bridgett strives for inclusivity, empowering lives, and a future where sex education unites and empowers all. (Rehumanizing Sex Education: Breaking Taboos: Connecting with Students B-4)

Janelly Medina

Janelly Medina (she/her) is a tenacious advocate for youth experiencing sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence. As Senior Manager of Anti-Violence Services at Pathfinders, Janelly oversees a team of advocates providing youth with trauma-informed, wraparound services and support. Janelly empowers survivor leaders as a mentor, helping folks heal from harm while working toward their goals. She has co-led numerous collaborations, including with Milwaukee’s juvenile justice system partners to provide a seamless, less harmful response for children experiencing exploitation. She is a sought-after speaker, sharing her firsthand and professional expertise with the next generation of leaders. Janelly is proud to call Milwaukee home. (Re-Envisioning Youth Services to Better Serve Survivors of Sexual Exploitation A-2)   

Jaylin Mitchell

Jaylin Mitchell is Milwaukee born and raised. They are a sex educator. freelance writer photographer, and Audre Lorde enthusiast. Jaylin is currently employed as the Youth Program Coordinator for Diverse & Resilient. (Kia Boys, Sex Trafficking and You E-2)

Lucia Montalvo

Lucia Montalvo (@sexedunation) is a multilingual learner and educator who specializes in dual language education. She created her educational platform called @SexEduNation to reach learners across the globe. She hopes to write a bilingual (Spanish/English) curriculum across multiple age levels that teachers can access to create a more educated nation when it comes to sexual health. (Sexual Health Education through Digital Literacy C-2)

Dakota Ramppen

Dakota Ramppen (she/her) is a tough love relationship coach, sexuality educator, NJ certified health teacher, and massage candle maker. Her work began in 2017, empowering Newark, NJ's youth through comprehensive sexuality education. Dakota now specializes in helping individuals manifest and maintain their #relationshipgoals, while also facilitating sexuality education workshops for professionals, staff, youth, and parents. With her unique blend of expertise, Dakota fosters healthy connections and promotes personal growth in both relationships and sexuality through her tough love model. 

 (STIgma Minimization - an Integrated Approach to Youth Sex Education and STI Prevention Efforts  G-3)

Angie Rehling

Angie Rehling (they, them, theirs) is a Prevention Coordinator at the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA). They received their bachelor’s degree in psychology from UW-Whitewater and their master’s degree in social work from George Williams College. They worked at OutReach LGBTQ Community Center for 10 years as the Program Director, overseeing and directing programming that supports and uplifts the LGBTQ communities. They have worked with WCASA since November 2019, providing training and technical assistance to various partners and stakeholders across the state on the prevention of sexual violence, as well as providing supportive, empowering, and comprehensive survivor-centered services. Angie is passionate about shifting our cultural narrative around sexual violence, and helping people understand the connection of racism and other forms of oppression to sexual violence. (It's OK to Say Fat! A-1) 

Neil Reyes

Neil Reyes (PPOSBC) graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a focus on Community Education from California State University Long Beach. He is a Health Educator with Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties. Neil is passionate about providing sexual and reproductive health for all people. (Male Involvement and Responsibility: Conversations in Juvenile Justice Settings C-4)

Miriam Rodriguez

Miriam Rodriguez has been a health promoter with Planned Parenthood for 3 years and she am also in an organization called educating with love. Miriam loves being in contact with people and helping the community.  (A Calzone Quitato B-2)


Miriam Rodriguez es promotora de salud en Planned Parenthood desde hace 3 años y también está en una organización llamada educando con amor. A Miriam le encanta estar en contacto con la gente y ayudar a la comunidad. (A Calzone Quitato B-2)

Sofía Rodríguez Márquez

Sofía Rodríguez Márquez, better known as Sofía on fire. She was born on February 20, 1999 in the city of Tijuana, Baja California. From a very young age she always had the instinct to want to help and defend people, she always said that she wanted to be president to be able to change the world. Currently, she is 24 years old and is studying Public Administration and Political Science at the Autonomous University of Baja California. She is dedicated to feminist activism to defend the rights of girls and women through social networks and also in person. She is the creator of Women on Fire, the largest feminist cyberactivism and dissemination account in all of Latin America. She started this project in 2020 and with a lot of effort and dedication it has managed to grow a lot and reach the hearts of thousands of people. Sofía decided to create this project to be able to provide women with a safe place online, where they could express themselves freely and learn at the same time. “I started this project because I am a woman, I know what it feels like to live in this country as a woman and I know the battles and obstacles we have to go through from the moment we are born. I thought about my past,in my present and in my future and also in that of other women, I knew that I did not want this dangerous situation to continue for any woman, much less for the following generations."

Thanks to the effort and dedication she has put into this project, she has been invited to take up space with different globally recognized platforms such as Netflix, Samsung, L'oreal Paris, Uber México, Benefit España, TED, among others, to give a message that impacts and makes noise in every corner of the world. Sofía has also been invited to dialogue and share her story within local and national television and radio spaces such as Milenio, W Radio, La Octava, 45 PSN and more. Some of the greatest opportunities she has had during her journey as a feminist activist have been the following:

Being a spokesperson within the "Global Women's Narratives" initiative promoted by the University of Oxford. She was selected to share with the world through an interview what Mexican women experience every day in the country and how they manage to get ahead in the face of the situation of violence and extreme insecurity that exists. The platform will be launched at the end of 2023.

Being invited by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to give visibility to gender violence, a great problem that exists in our country for which we fight every day.

Give her first TED TALK in Tecate Baja California, where she talks about feminist cyberactivism and the importance of society stopping being indifferent to issues of violence and insecurity against women. The video will be uploaded to the official TED YouTube account where more than 20 million people can view it.

Sofía not only fights through networks, she also fights in the streets. Last March 8, 2023 (International Women's Day) she led her own contingent in Mexico City, where she was accompanied by more than four thousand women marching towards the Zócalo. Her main objective is to continue fighting and talking about issues that not many dare to talk about. Sofía started this project as a young woman who was afraid, but now the only thing she has is the strength and a voice that has gone around the world. Ciberactivismo Feminista G-2 [Title Translation: Feminist Cyberactivism]

Loretta Ross - Keynote Speaker 

Loretta J. Ross (SisterSong) is an activist, public intellectual, scholar, the 2022 recipient of the MacArthur Foundation "Genius" award and an Associate Professor at Smith College. She has a passion for innovating creative imagining about global human rights and social justice issues and started her career in activism and social change in the 1970s. In 1978, she was the third executive director for DC Rape Crisis Center, the first rape crisis center in the country. This was her entry point into the women’s movement where she learned about women’s human rights, reproductive justice, white supremacy, and women of color organizing. Through her organizing she helped launch the movement to end violence against women that has evolved into today's #MeToo movement. Throughout her 50-year career, she has worked with the National Football League Players' Association, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the National Black Women's Health Project, the Center for Democratic Renewal (National Anti-Klan Network), the National Center for Human Rights Education, and SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. 

Loretta retired as an organizer in 2012 to teach and follow her passion to educate. In 1996, she founded the first center in the U.S. to innovate creative human rights education for all students transforming social justice issues to be more collaborative and less divisive. In her work Calling In the Calling Out Culture, she transforms how people can overcome political differences to use empathy and respect to guide difficult conversations. In 2023, Loretta was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

Callen E Smith

Callen E Smith (UW Health) has been at UW Health since 2016 where they started their nursing work with transgender and gender diverse patients in the pediatric and adolescent transgender health clinic (PATH clinic). In 2018 they became UW Health’s first gender services navigator providing guidance for patients pursuing gender-affirming surgery. Callen completed their master’s degree at Edgewood College in Nursing Administration in 2021 and is now the Gender Services Program Coordinator at UW Health. Callen has presented at trans health conferences across the country Callen’s work includes educating staff across the organization, supporting the growth of UW Health’s Gender Services program and partnering with DEI initiatives to support LGBTQ+ patients and staff. (Navigating Insurance for Gender Affirming Care E-3)

Deja Taylor

Deja Taylor (she/her) is a passionate researcher, evaluator and life-long student who is dedicated to advancing Black sexual liberation. With experience co-designing participatory evaluations centered on Black community voices, she has a deep interest in gathering community insights to challenge stigmas around sex education. Deja recognizes the importance of creating safe and brave spaces to explore the history of Black womxn's leadership in kink and honor our right to radical self-expression. Deja looks forward to connecting with fellow Black, Indigenous and Queer leaders who are re-envisioning what liberatory sexual education can look like. Join this workshop to level up tools for dismantling systemic oppression that is embedded in sexuality. (Black and Kinky, D-1)

Lucky Tomaszek

Lucky Tomaszek, LM, CPM, is a community midwife in solo practice at Transitions: Birth Services for Every Body. For 25 years as a birthworker and more than 10 years as a sexuality educator, Lucky has focused on providing excellent care and accurate information to the communities she works with.  (Who's the Boss: Examining Power Dynamics in Healthcare Settings G-4) 

Lindsey Vang

Lindsey Vang is a first-generation child of Hmong refugees. She was born and raised in the Fox Valley alongside her nine siblings. Lindsey has experience supporting and working with youth who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking and children and youth affected by gender-based violence. She has facilitated, led, and created discussions surrounding various topics such as empowerment, identity, sexuality, expression, and mental wellness. Before her current role as CRAY Program Manager, she was the Lead Advocate for Pathfinders' New Paths program directly support youth navigating challenging legal and medical systems. In her current role, she strives to connect and foster cross agency/systems collaboration, coordinate after-hours advocacy responses and empower and amplify youth voices. Lindsey is devoted to creating space for conversations and actions that can create sustainable, inclusive and equitable change. She is moving into her ninth year in Milwaukee and can be found with her wife and two kids building a bonfire, fishing or going on a bike ride. (Re-Envisioning Youth Services to Better Serve Survivors of Sexual Exploitation A-2) 

Kaitlyn Wonderlin

Kaitlyn Wonderlin (Bolton Refuge House)  is the Mobile Sexual Assault Victim Advocate at Bolton Refuge House in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Katelyn works with individuals affected by sexual assault through providing information, advocacy and support. She also works on systems responses to sexual violence, educating the community, and on sexual assault prevention. (Centering Consent to Prevent Sexual Violence & Support Survivors F-2)

Mystkue Woods

Mystkue Woods, MEd (rose/she/her) is a certified sexuality arts educator and consultant based in Philadelphia, PA. She is the CEO of Mystkue Publications, L.L.C, an organization focused on the innovation of expressive arts and sexuality for marginalized communities. She specializes in integrating the expressive art modalities of poetry, dance, music, drama (theater), storytelling, and creative movement to promote positive attitudes toward sexual and reproductive wellness across cultures and communities. (Ready, Set, PrEP: Breaking Boundaries between Providers and Patient on Access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and more F-3)


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