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Youth Health Promoters

A team of young adults ready to help you learn about the services you need to stay safe and healthy. Look for us out in the community handing out condoms and safer sex kits.

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Services for Teens at Planned Parenthood

Free condoms | Emergency contraception ("ec," "plan b" or the "morning after pill") | Birth control | STD testing (urine based) | Pregnancy testing | Yearly well women exams | HIV testing

Planned Parenthood is a welcoming provider for the LGBTQ community

How Do I Pay?

There are many different ways to pay or to get free or low cost services at Planned Parenthood. Our staff will help you figure out which way works for you.

  • Free or Low Cost Services: Family Planning Benefit Program—you can sign up for this on your own if you qualify
  • Health insurance (Yours or your parents—if you have privacy concerns ask our staff)
  • Sliding Fee Scale—based on your income if you qualify

Check our our videos about LARCs!

Teen Rights

Even if you are 17 or younger, you have the right to get sexual health services on your own in New York State.

Planned Parenthood encourages you to speak with a parent, caregiver or trusted adult if you can. However, you DO NOT need permission from your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else to get these services.

THESE SERVICES ARE CONFIDENTIAL. No one at the clinic or doctor’s office can tell anyone when or why you came in, unless you say so.