Got questions? Our health center staff is always ready to answer them, but if you're looking for some quick info online, these are a few great places to start.

Info For Teens: Planned Parenthood's website specifically for young people, addressing common questions on sexual health issues.

The national Planned Parenthood organization also has a huge database of information on sexual health topics, from birth control and STDs, to puberty and sexual orientation. 

MTV's It's Your (Sex) Life: This website has tons of articles and videos about sexual health questions, talking about sex, protection methods, pregnancy, STDs and many other topics. They also have a special section called GYT (Get Yourself Tested) that's totally dedicated to the topic of STD testing and STD risks and testing. Did you know 1 in 2 sexually active young people will get an STD by age 25? Find out how to get tested and stay safe here.

Sex Etc.: Sex ed by teens, for teens


Need More?

Sometimes a website just isn't enough and for those times, we have a great team of educators and medical staff available to help.  And at our Teen Clinics (our summer hours in the  Albany Health Center are Thursday from 1 to 4 pm and at the Troy Health Center on Wednesday from 1 to 4 pm). But you don't have to be a patient to stop by and ask a question or pick up a grab-bag of condoms and info pamphlets. And anytime you need specific medical advice, our medical staff is here to consider your concerns and help you address them. Call (518) 434-5678 to reach our Albany, Hudson or Troy Health Centers. You can also click here to make an appointment online, or check out our FAQ on coming in for a visit for further details.