Our Mission:
To improve the sexual health of St. Louis area teens.


What's TASH?

Teen Advocates for Sexual Health (TASH) is a group of teens (grades 9-12) representing diverse backgrounds from the St. Louis area. TASH creates, develops, plans and implements programs that move toward a greater understanding and appreciation of healthy sexuality based on teen rights, respect and responsibility. TASH teaches/trains teens about sexual health and sexuality and how to be advocates in their communities.

What we learn:
• Develop an understanding of diversity and its impact on sexual health outcomes.
• Create a common language around issues of sex, sexuality, sexual health, diversity,intersectionality, advocacy and public policy
• Understand privilege, oppression and power contribute to one’s ability to access information, resources and services
• Become agents for positive change
• Learn what it means to be an advocate
• Know the power to create change and influence public policy
•Learn correct sexual health information to be advocates for sexual health

 Goals of TASH:
• To promote open, honest, and respectful talk about sex, sexuality, and sexual health between adults and teens
• To make sure that teens receive school based sex education that is correct and complete, and is taught by trained professionals

We are currently accepting applications for 2016-2017

Fill out an application here or for more information please contact us at [email protected] (under 18, parental permission required to participate)
or call (314) 531-7526 ext. 339.

Join TASH: TASH recruitment starts before each new school year.