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Welcome to the September Volunteer Newsletter from the Community Engagement Team at Planned Parenthood! Each month we provide updates, resources, and upcoming volunteer opportunities on the blog and straight to your inbox.

If you have any questions about our volunteer programs or this newsletter, please contact the Community Engagement team at [email protected].

Are you ready to be a Ballot Boss?

Be a Ballot Boss this election and shout your vote! All you need to do is follow these 3 steps: 

  1. Register to vote here or by texting “BOSS MO” to 22422
  2. In Missouri, you must be registered to vote at your current address by October 7 in order to vote in this year’s election on November 3.
  3. In Illinois, you must be registered to vote at your current address by October 18 (if registering online) or October 6 (if registering by mail or in person) in order to vote on November 3.
  4. Make a plan for how you’re going to vote: Will you be voting in person, or by mail? If you’re voting in person, what time will you be going to the polls? 
  5. Invite three friends to join you in being a Ballot Boss.

And one last thing – don’t forget to share your Ballot Boss status on social media! Download the social media assets to get started today.

Become a Poll Worker

Ready to help America vote? The U.S. is facing an unprecedented shortage of poll workers. Signing up to work the polls on Election Day is a rewarding way to strengthen our democracy, give back to your community, and ensure free, fair, and accessible elections for all.

For more information, go to https://www.powerthepolls.org/.

Volunteer of the Month: Adrienne

Each month we highlight one of our outstanding Planned Parenthood volunteers. September’s Volunteer of the Month is Adrienne! See our Q & A below to learn more about Adrienne and her experience with Planned Parenthood!

Q: Why is it important for you to volunteer with Planned Parenthood?

A: Well over a decade ago, I found myself in a low-paying position with a company that offered no health benefits. It was because of the existence of Planned Parenthood that I was able to get the care I needed. The wonderful staff took care of me, so it's only natural I'd be there when they needed help.

Q: Do you have a favorite experience so far with Planned Parenthood?

A: My favorite experience with Planned Parenthood were the Zoom calls. The organizers were so amazingly welcoming and their energy is infectious. They're passionate about what they do and it shows. I'd do it again ANY DAY.

Q: What else would you like to share about what being a Planned Parenthood supporter and volunteer means to you?

A: Volunteering for Planned Parenthood, especially for the Medicaid expansion, was a huge deal. My kiddos watched me make call after call. When Amendment 2 passed, I screamed like the Lakers won the playoffs and Lebron got MVP. 

I get to say, "I was an active part of that." I didn't just sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do it. Taking opportunities to be that sort of example to the younger generation, especially given the state of things, is crucial. It's essential and I'm truly grateful to have been a small part of it.