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If so, then what was your experience like?

We posed the two questions to our Facebook followers while also sharing an essay by a 31-year-old woman who decided to have her tubes tied. We wanted to know how their experiences compared to the author's and how our followers felt about the author's points. Below are some of the memorable stories and comments.

My doctor asked me how sure i was that I was done. I told him absolutely sure. Then he asked what my husband thought. Apparently he was not expecting me to say "he thinks if he wants more kids he will need a divorce and a girlfriend."

  • Shelley

I tried in my mid-twenties and was told no. I have no intention to have children, never have, and I know I never will. I was told no because I might "meet a man and change my mind". Now, 35, huge surprise, still haven't changed my mind.

  • Jamie

It drives me crazy that people have to defend this choice. I have kids and can certainly understand that it is not for everyone. I had a family member who was unable to carry a baby to term, and it was incredibly painful for her to be asked why she didn't have kids. People just need to shut it and go about their business.

  • Jen

I feel like a lot of women regret it, but it's still their choice. I wanted one years ago and nobody would do it. I wound up with an unplanned pregnancy. (While on the pill) had a terrible pregnancy and delivery, got my tubes tied after delivery. My left tube is still open so I'll be having them removed in 9 days. I found out my tube was still open due to another pregnancy which I miscarried. My only regret was not getting a choice in how my procedure was done. I would have chosen cut, burn, tie. Not the filshee clips. Women deserve to have the right to choose if they want kids or not. It shouldn't be up for debate.

  • Valerie

I tried when I was 30, after having 4 children. After being prepared for surgery, my doctor asked if I was sure that I did not want more children. I said yes, I was sure. He asked my ex-husband the same question. My ex-husband said that he MIGHT want more children. My doctor refused to perform the surgery. I cried so hard that [I] could barely breathe as the nurses removed my IV catheter and helped me get dressed. I now have my second IUD, because my ability to afford the procedure went with my ex-husband’s healthcare.

  • Amy

After two life threatening deliveries, my doctor told me it would be best to not have any more children. I asked her if I could get my tubes tied, she said no, she would not do that. She said I am too young. But? Okay…

  • Katie

I'm in St Louis and I had my tubes tied at 30. I had been on the pill for 12 years, and I knew I never wanted children. All my Dr asked was if I knew it couldn't be reversed. I said I knew, and she said ok. Month or so later, I had the operation. I am 51 now, and have never regretted it.

  • Sue

It was my 35th birthday present to myself! I had to go to the secular hospital and have a non-catholic affiliated surgeon do it (not the surgeon doing hernia repair on me the same day).

  • Charissa

I did, at age 28, after my third child. I still had to have my husband's consent, and was warned against it by my doc, despite me having progressively worse pre-eclampsia with each pregnancy- I nearly had a stroke with my last one.

  • Joy

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