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Most of our expert services are low-cost or no cost for those who qualify. 

We accept:

  • CCare
  • OHP (Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid)
  • Most insurance
  • Self pay (credit, debit, cash)

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CCare (free birth control & annual exams)


What is CCare?

Oregon Contraceptive Care (CCare) is a state-funded program that provides no-cost birth control supplies and services to qualified clients regardless of gender, gender identity or relationship status. CCare requires yearly enrollment. You may qualify for CCare even if you have private insurance.

What is covered by CCare?

  • A wide range of birth control methods, including pills, patches, rings, IUC, implant, injectable, condoms (male, female and non-latex), spermicides, and emergency contraception (EC)
  • Annual/well-woman exam, including Pap test, and chlamydia and gonorrhea screening, if needed
  • Health education and counseling, including: reproductive & preventive health, birth control, breast health, STD/HIV risks, pregnancy counseling, and healthy relationships
  • Vasectomy counseling; procedure by referral

What is not covered by CCare?

  • STD testing and treatment
  • Sterilization for female-bodied people
  • Testing and treatment for bladder and vaginal infections
  • Prenatal care
  • Exams for male-bodied people
  • HPV vaccination (Gardasil)
  • HIV testing
  • Colposcopy/LEEP
  • Abortion care
  • Some lab tests
  • Lubricants and dental dams

You may qualify if:

  • You know your social security number (only required if you are over 19)
  • You have not had your tubes tied, are not post-menopausal, have not had a hysterectomy.
  • Live in Oregon
  • You are a US Citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident, or refugee asylee.  (This government program requires proof of US citizenship.  No citizenship documents are required for Lawful Permanent Residents)
  • You meet these income guidelines:

Number in household

 Monthly income











If you answered "yes" to all of the above, we can sign you up for CCare.  Just bring in:

  • Your US passport OR
  • Your birth certificate and photo ID (Don't have your birth certificate? We can help you obtain a free original birth certificate.)

You can still qualify even if you have private insurance.  Call for more information 541-344-9411 or 800-230-PLAN.

OHP (Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid)

OHP (Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid)

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon is happy to accept most Oregon Health Plan (OHP) benefit plans. We can verify which plan you have to ensure that your services will be covered.

If you have OHP, we can see you if:

You are reproductively capable (meaning you have not had your tubes tied, are not menopausal, and have not had a hysterectomy or vasectomy).

Examples of services covered by OHP:

  • Annual/well-woman exam, including Pap test and chlamydia and gonorrhea screening if needed
  • A wide range of birth control methods, including the pill, patch, ring, IUC, implant, injectable, condoms, spermicide, and emergency contraception (EC)
  • Vasectomy counseling; procedure by referral
  • Testing and treatment for bladder (UTI), yeast, and vaginal infections
  • STD testing and treatment
  • Abnormal pap follow-up
  • Abortion services

Examples of services NOT covered by OHP:

  • HPV vaccination (Gardasil)
  • HIV testing
  • Colposcopy/LEEP
  • HPV (genital wart) treatment
  • In house blood draws (you will be given a lab requisition to have blood work done at an outside lab)

What will I have to pay for?

You will not be charged for any of the covered services listed above. We will bill OHP directly. You will not receive a bill.

A few OHP plans do not cover family planning. If you are covered by one of these plans, we are unable to see you under OHP. Some plans even prevent us from taking cash payment for services. Please discuss your plan and what it covers with a staff member. If we need to, we can refer you to your primary care provider or caseworker for more information.

OHP with Private Insurance

If you also have private insurance, OHP requires that we bill that insurance first, unless you have confidentiality concerns (please discuss any concerns with a staff member.) Here's how it works:

  • We will collect your insurance information.
  • After your visit we will bill your insurance. OHP will cover what your private insurance does not.
  • In approximately 3-5 weeks, your insurance plan will send an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that explains how the claim was processed. Please know this EOB is not a bill.
  • We will bill OHP for anything that your insurance did not pay for. You will not receive an EOB from OHP and you will not receive a bill from us. 

Please ask a staff member if you have more questions.



We are unable to accept:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Kaiser HMO
  • PacificSource Healthy Kids

We are contracted (in-network) with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (including Regence BCBS, Federal BC, Premera BCBS, Anthem BCBS)
  • MODA
  • PacificSource (some exceptions)
  • Cigna
  • First Choice Health Network (some plans)
  • Lifewise

Even though we are contracted with the providers listed above, like all medical providers, we can't know how your claim will be processed. Please call your insurance company if you are unsure what services are covered under your plan, your deductible, or your coinsurance. We do expect a partial payment at the time of service for all patients covered by insurance.

We happily bill non-contracted/out of network insurance companies. However, because we do not know how your claim will be paid, we ask that you pay our "prompt pay" price for your visit while you are here. We will refund you any amount you have overpaid for our services once your insurance has processed your claim. We know this seems complicated, but it is the best way to work with you to try and save you money. Call 541-344-2632 option 5 if you have questions. 

Self Pay (Cash, Credit, Debit)

Self Pay (cash, debit, credit)

If your services are not covered by insurance, CCare, or Oregon Health Plan (OHP), we accept cash, credit or debit. Our services are typically lower cost that most providers. At our Grants Pass and Medford Health Centers, services are provided on a sliding scale, based on family size and income.

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Payment information