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Paying for Your Visit

Most of our expert services are low-cost or no cost for those who qualify. 


Oregon Health Plan (OHP): If your OHP plan is on this list, you are able to be seen for most visits without any out of pocket costs. To see if you will have charges for your appointment, please feel free to call us at 800-230-PLAN.

If your OHP plan is not on this list, we can still bill your visit to your OHP, but you may have out of pocket charges.


We are contracted with the following plans:

  • OMAP Open Card
  • Trillium
  • Jackson Care Connect
  • AllCare
  • Care Oregon
  • Yamhill
  • Columbia Pacific
  • PacificSource CCO


Visits Typically Covered by Contracted OHP Plans:

  • Annual exam
  • Birth control consultation and methods
  • Exams to diagnose and treat symptoms
  • HIV testing
  • STI testing without symptoms
  • Treatment for genital warts
  • Pre-Vasectomy consultation and vasectomy services
  • Abortion services


Reproductive Health Program (No-Cost Birth Control & Annual Exams): The Reproductive Health Program is a state-funded program that provides no-cost birth control supplies and services to qualified clients regardless of gender, gender identity, relationship status or citizenship status. The RH Program requires yearly enrollment. You may qualify for the program even if you have private insurance.


What is Covered?

  • A wide range of birth control methods including pills, rings, IUCs, the implant, the shot, condoms (internal, external, and non-latex), spermicides, and emergency contraception (EC)
  • Annual/Well-woman exam including a Pap test, and chlamydia and gonorrhea screening during that exam if needed
  • Health education and counseling including reproductive and preventative health, birth control, breast health, STI/HIV risks, pregnancy counseling, and healthy relationships
  • Vasectomy counseling and procedure (in-house or by referral)

For patients that are not US Citizens or do not have Eligible Immigration status, certain services could also be covered by the Reproductive Health Program. Please call 800-230-PLAN to find out more.


What is NOT Covered?

  • Sterilization for female-bodied people
  • Testing and treatment for bladder and vaginal infections
  • Colposcopy/LEEP procedures
  • Lubricants and dental dams
  • Problem Focused/Symptomatic visits such as bumps, warts, UTI, vaginal odor/discharge, etc.


You May Qualify If:

  • You are reproductively capable (have not had a vasectomy, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, or are not postmenopausal)
  • You meet these income requirements


Household Size

Monthly Income Before Taxes

















*For families with more than 8 people, add $900 to the monthly income per person


What to Bring:

  • Your US passport OR
  • Your birth certificate and photo ID (Don’t have your birth certificate? We can help you obtain a free original birth certificate) OR
  • Your eligible immigration documentation and photo ID. *Click here to see what type of documentation is acceptable by the program. Click Here to see documentation samples.
  • Your social security number.
  • If you are not a US Citizen or have eligible immigration status, you do NOT need to bring in any documentation.
  • *Click here to download the RH Program application to bring to your appointment.


I don’t qualify for the RH Program, but I need help paying for my birth control. Call us at 800-230-PLAN and we can discuss other options with you!


Private Health Insurance: We can bill any private health insurance, but whether your health insurance pays for your visit depends on whether you have met your plan deductible and what your specific health plan covers. The best way to know what your health insurance covers is to call the customer service number on the back of your card.


We are contracted with the following private health insurances:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (Including Regence BCBS, Federal BC, Premera BCBS, Anthem BCBS, and HMA)
  • PacificSource
  • Cigna
  • MODA
  • Lifewise
  • First Choice Health
  • Multiplan Network


If your health insurance is on this list, you may still have out of pocket charges. This depends on if you have met your copay, out of pocket deductible, and what your specific health plan covers. Any charges not covered or put towards your deductible/out of pocket are your responsibility. Please contact your health insurance for details about your plan.


If your health insurance is not on this list, we are considered out of network. We can still bill your health insurance, but it is likely all charges will go towards your out of network deductible. Any charges not covered or put towards your deductible/out of pocket are your responsibility. If you believe you will end up paying more than our prompt pay fees, it may be best to go with our prompt pay option and forego billing your insurance.


Typical Prompt Pay Costs: We can take cash, card (credit and debit), and money order.

  • Annual Exam: $150-250
  • STI Testing: $80-150 (We may have funding to help cover this cost)
  • HIV Test: $35
  • Birth Control Consult (non-exam): $80-100 (plus additional cost for chosen birth control method)
  • Pre-Vasectomy Counsel: $65
  • Vasectomy: $700
  • Abortion (Medical or In-clinic): $550
  • Pregnancy Test visit: No out of pocket cost. Pregnancy tests are funded through donation.


Prompt Pay vs Payment Plan:

Prompt Pay:

  • Payment is due at the time of service. By promptly paying at the time of your service, we give approximately a 40% discount from our fee schedule charges.

Payment Plan:

  • If unable to pay the prompt pay at the time of service, we do allow payment plans, charges will be based on our full fee schedule. We can divide the cost by up to 24 months.


Confidentiality Concerns: If you have confidentiality concerns, please call your health insurance to discuss options on where to mail the explanation of benefits.