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Confidential Teen Services


  • Oregon law gives all minors the right to confidential birth control information and services, as well as testing for sexually transmitted infections and HIV without parental consent. If you would like to read the official wording of the law, please click on the documents below.

    Minor Rights: Access and Consent to Health Care
    Oregon Law on Consent for STI Testing & Treatment of Minors

  • We are required by law to keep all of your records COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.

  • During your visit, we will ask you if it's okay for us to call you if we need to communicate with you about test results or any other follow-up information. If it's not okay for Planned Parenthood to call you, we will work out another way of contacting you that maintains your privacy.

  • Even though your parents consent is not required for you to get supplies and services, we always encourage young people to talk to their parents or another trusted adult.


  • All of our health centers offer free condoms.

  • Drop in anytime during open hours for a dozen (12) free condoms, no waiting!

  • Info about the correct use of a condom is included in each bag.


  • No, you do not need a pelvic exam to get birth control. Your provider will perform a pelvic exam only when needed based on your symptoms.

  • The provider will ask about your medical history and sexual activity, and you'll have a chance to ask about birth control and any concerns you might have.

  • For your health and safety, it's important to completely and honestly answer all the questions on the health history form, because this will help determine the type of birth control recommended.