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Understanding Sexuality and Values 

Understanding Sexuality and Values lessons introduce sexuality as a broad and lifelong concept. Through engaging activities and peer-to-peer dialogue students will explore the different aspects of sexuality - identity, sensuality, intimacy, sexual health and reproduction, sexualization - and how their values impact the way they think about and relate to these aspects. We recommend beginning with this lesson if you plan to offer a series of lessons to your youth. 

ODE Health Education Performance Indicators met:


Not offered at this level. 

Middle School: 

6th grade: HE.1.6.35, HE.2.6.1, HE.2.6.2, HE.2.6.3, HE.2.6.4, HE.2.6.14, HE.2.6.2 

7th grade: HE.1.7.37, HE.2.7.14, HE.2.7.1, HE.2.7.2, HE.2.7.3, HE.2.7.4, HE.2.7.5, HE.2.7.25 

8th grade: HE.1.8.37, HE.2.8.1, HE.2.8.2, HE.2.8.3, HE.2.8.4, HE.2.8.5, HE.2.8.7, HE.2.8.21, HE.2.8.25  

High School:  

HE.2.12.1, HE.2.12.2, HE.2.12.3, HE.2.12.4, HE.2.12.6, HE.2.12.7, HE.2.12.12, HE.2.12.20, HE.1.12.34