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Consent lessons focus on exploring boundaries and developing strong communication skills. Through engaging activities and peer-to-peer dialogue, students will learn what consent is, why consent is important, and how to navigate consent with increasing nuance through the lifespan. 

Middle school and 9th Grade consent lessons are available as Peer-led lessons as well! See REVolution Youth Leadership Program to learn more about our peer educators! 

ODE Health Education Performance Indicators met: 


5th grade: HE.1.5.21 

Middle School: 

6th grade: HE.1.6.9, HE.1.6.27, HE.1.6.41, HE.1.6.42, HE.4.6.10 

7th grade: HE.1.7.9, HE.1.7.28, HE.1.7.43, HE.1.7.44, HE.1.7.45, HE.1.7.46, HE.2.7.23, HE.2.7.24 

8th grade: HE.1.8.28, HE.1.8.44, HE.1.8.46, HE.2.8.23, HE.4.8.10, HE.4.8.13 

High School:  

HE.1.12.24, HE.1.12.25, HE.4.12.8, HE.2.12.18, HE.1.12.28, HE.1.12.36, HE.7.12.6, HE.7.12.10