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B'more for Healthy Babies Project


The Planned Parenthood of Maryland B'more for Healthy Babies Project is part of the Maryland B'more for Healthy Babies initiative. Many factors- family history, personal medical history, diet, environment, lifestyle, access to services- all contribute to infant mortality. To reduce infant mortality and eliminate racial health disparities in Maryland, the Center for Maternal and Child Health has launched a broad public health initiative, called B'more for Healthy Babies. The B'more for Healthy Babies initiative focuses on preventive health services and quality improvement, believing that improving infant health requires a comprehensive multifaceted approach that addresses family, community and systems factors associated with poor pregnancy outcomes.

Click here to learn more about this statewide initiative.

At Planned Parenthood of Maryland, we believe that healthier women have healthier babies. Through our preconception program, we encourage women to get healthy now, for themselves and any future pregnancy. Preconception care is available as part of our Baltimore City Family Planning visits. In addition, we offer clients the opportunity to meet it a nutritional consultant one-on-one, and offer nutritional tips and information through text messaging and Facebook.

To learn more, call our Baltimore City location at (410) 576-1414.

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B'more for Healthy Babies Project