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We are thankful for the leadership of House Speaker Michael E. Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Miller. Special thanks to the Reproductive Justice Inside Coalition, our other coalition partners, and our legislative champions who did some amazing work that we are proud to highlight. The following bills have passed and ensures that Marylanders have access to the resources and tools needed to make informed decisions.

Planned Parenthood of Maryland bills:

HB 1283                               
Health Insurance – Prescription Contraception Coverage for Single Dispensing
Sponsor by Delegate Kelly

  • Requires commercial plans to pay for 12-months of birth control at a time.

HB 994/SB 774                  
Medicaid Family Planning Program                          
Sponsored by Delegate Barron/Senator Benson

  • Requires same day coverage for the Medicaid Family Planning Program and expands eligibility so more people can be covered.  Also requires Medicaid to cover up to 12-months of birth control at a time.

HB 1024/SB 986
State Employee Health Plan – Contraceptive Coverage
Sponsored by Delegate Hettleman/Senator Kelley

  • Requires the State Employees Health Plan to extend better contraception coverage to people covered under the State Employee’s health plan.   The plan will provide the same coverage as the Maryland Contraceptive Equity Act and include coverage of up to 12-months of birth control at a time.

Successful Legislation Addressing Access to Reproductive Health

HB 1558
Pharmacists – Dispensing of Prescription Drugs
Sponsored by Delegate Morales

  • Allows pharmacists to dispense up to 12-months of birth control at a time.

HB 1/SB 2
Rape Survivor Family Protection Act
Sponsored by Delegate Dumais/Senator Feldman

  • Support women in creating a clear pathway in terminating the parental rights of rapists

HB 251/SB 402
Family Life and Human Sexuality Curriculum Boundaries and Consent
Sponsored by Delegate Kelly/Senator Feldman

  • Requires boards of education to provide age-appropriate education on the meaning of consent.

HB 716/SB 266
Mortality Rates of African American Infants and Infants in Rural Areas
Sponsored by Delegate Lewis/Senator Nathan-Pulliam

  • Requires the Maryland Health Care Commission to conduct a study and make recommendations regarding high rights of infant mortality among African Americans and in rural areas.

HB 787/SB 629
Correctional Facilities – Pregnant Inmates – Medical Care (still awaiting Governor’s signature) 
Delegate Dumais/Senator Kelley

  • Requires all correctional facilities to have written policies about pregnancy care and to provide the policies to woman who are incarcerated.  Includes abortion and all other care.

SB 81
Sales and Use Tax – Hygienic Aids – Exemption
Sponsored by the Chair, Budget and Taxation Committee

  • Exempts menstrual hygiene products from the State sales tax     

SB 1028
Conversion Therapy for Minors – Prohibition
Sponsored by Senator Madaleno

  • Prohibits licensed health care practitioners from providing “conversion therapy” to minors.  Conversion therapy tries to change a minor’s sexual orientation or gender identity.