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The highly-successful Promotoras Comunitarias program was created to address the lack of access to reproductive health care and sexuality information in the Latino community. The program is modeled after Mexican and Central American programs that reach at-risk populations by utilizing peer-to-peer education to bring health education to Latino families.

After rigorous training, Planned Parenthood Promotoras reach out to their communities to educate their peers on reproductive health and topics such as family communication, child abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy prevention and domestic violence. Promotoras also provide important up to date information to the Spanish-speaking population about the Affordable Care Act.

Hablando Claro is a six session curriculum that is designed to improve communication between parents and their pre-teen children. Research suggests that improved communication between parents and children, specifically focused on human sexuality, can help to prevent teen pregnancy. It focuses on providing parents and pre-teens with tools to increase communication about sexuality.

Family rejection has been identified as an indicator of negative health and achievement outcomes for LGBT youth. Family Acceptance is a four session curriculum that focuses on raising awareness about the negative health outcomes on LGBT youth that result from family rejection. It is designed to promote a welcoming environment at home for LGBT children and relatives.

"La Decision", a play on HIV/AIDS awareness and education, is often staged by Promotoras to raise community awareness. The play is based on a true story, drawn from the life of a Promotora.

Since its launch in 1990, more than 650 women from different parts of Los Angeles have been trained to act as community health promoters. To date, the program has reached more than 150,000 residents of Los Angeles County.

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles' Promotoras Comunitarias program serves seven regions of Los Angeles County, including East Los Angeles, Hollywood, El Monte, Whittier, Pico-Union, South Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley. For more information or to verify availability, please call 213-284-3308.

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Promotoras Comunitarias